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You call it “social selling” - but is it really?


What is social selling, really? The term has been around a while but if you Google the definition, you will get a different answer on every site that pops up. Sales Terminology

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95% of VPs of Sales Won’t Thrive at Your Startup


So we’ve talked so much over the years on SaaStr on how to hire a great VP of Sales, the difference they’ll make, and how the level-up comes quickly. And about when to know it isn’t working out.


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When Your Company Insists You Use a Legacy Approach


Every company wants its sales force to be successful, creating and winning new opportunities, and generating net new revenue.

9 Steps To Create A Powerful Advertising Funnel


The post 9 Steps To Create A Powerful Advertising Funnel appeared first on ClickFunnels. Paid advertising is the best way to get your online business off the ground – it’s reliable, it’s predictable, and it’s scalable. But how can you ensure the best possible ROI on your ad spend?

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The Essential Guide to the Buying Experience of the Future

The ultimate value proposition is an impactful buying experience that guides people to the best possible decision. But how do you prepare your sales teams to do that? Read "The Essential Guide to the Buying Experience of the Future" to find out how to empower your customer-facing teams and thrive in modern selling environments.

Breakfast For Champions Podcast – Episode 74 – Sonya Meloff – May 27, 2022

Tibor Shanto

Sonya Meloff is Co-Founder of Sales Talent Agency , Canada’s largest and most respected sales recruitment company. Launched in 2007, Sales Talent Agency has worked with over 2,500 companies across North America to help them make their best sales hires.

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Email Prospecting Is Dead


Some number of years ago, as social media took hold, many believed they had found a replacement for the cold call. A small group of friends and I tried to prevent sales organizations from allowing their sales force to avoid using the telephone.

How To Build An Effective Facebook Ads Funnel


The post How To Build An Effective Facebook Ads Funnel appeared first on ClickFunnels. Facebook ads can play an important role in your overall sales funnel. They can help you increase brand awareness, build interest in your product or service, and ultimately drive conversions.

?The Next Evolution of Sales

Sandler Training

Salesforce: “We’re Not Seeing Any Downturn or Deceleration”, Growing 24% at $30 Billion in ARR


Following Snowflake’s blow out quarter announcing big acceleration of growth at the end of the quarter, Salesforce has now announced a record quarter as well, growing a stunning 24% at a now $30 Billion in ARR. In fact, that’s acceleration.

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New Ways to Reach, Influence, and Close More Deals with Intent Data

Speaker: Ardath Albee, B2B Marketing Strategist and CEO of Marketing Interactions

Acting on intent data when applied to buyer context can be a game-changer for gaining attention by increasing relevance, which drives purposeful engagement toward purchase. But all intent data is not the same. In this webinar, learn the difference between interest and intent, and the best ways to use the right data.

Addressing the Challenges of Being a New Sales Manager


The shift from being an individual contributor to leading a sales force isn't an easy transition. The character traits are different, and so are the required skills. While it's helpful to have experience in a sales role, by itself, it's not enough to ensure success.

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Transform Your Prospects Into A High Performing Sales Team

Predictable Revenue

Tom Burton joins the Predictable Revenue podcast to discuss how to transform prospects into your own top performing sales team. The post Transform Your Prospects Into A High Performing Sales Team appeared first on Predictable Revenue. Blog Outbound Sales Development Podcast Show Notes

Cookieless Marketing: How to Adapt Your Marketing Mix

Learn Hub | G2

For years, marketers have relied on cookies, or little data files that contain personal identifiers, for user targeting and marketing measurement. Guest Post Marketing


What Really Happened to SaaS in the ’08-’09 Recession


A lot of folks are talking about how things were in ’08-’09 and even ’00-’01 these days. I don’t think today is anything like those times.

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Roadblocks to Delivering a Competitive Buying Experience

Why are buyer-facing teams struggling and what can be done about it? Bigtincan teamed up with Heinz Marketing in a recent research study to discover the roadblocks revenue-generating teams encounter in preparing buyer-facing teams for today’s market. Click here to learn what you can do today to prepare!

Overcoming the Fear of Being One-Up


I am grateful that the concept of being One-Up has resonated with salespeople and sales leaders. It’s a position that allows you to create value for your clients by helping them understand what they need to do to improve their results.

What the Heck is the Metaverse? And Should You Care?

David Meerman Scott

The “metaverse” is a catch-all term that technology companies and the media are using to generate hype about the future. Remember how the word “ cyberspace ” was used several decades ago to describe the early Web, mainly by people who didn’t understand the early Web? That’s the metaverse.

Early Warning System: Retain More Accounts As You Grow

Engage Selling

How do you retain more accounts as you grow? Collecting and analyzing sales data indiscriminately is like endlessly tossing buckets of coins into a wishing well…and believing the act itself … Read More.

Creandum Ventures: VCs Don’t Help Enough in Recruiting. And VC Brands Are Overrated.


So Creandum, one of Europe’s leading VC firms (and they’ll be speaking at 2022 in Barcelona on June 7-8 ) updated its report on What Founders Really Want from VCs , and if VCs add value: The data is interesting: Only 30% of founders think their VCs have been helpfu l.


Connecting the Consultative Experience

Many B2B businesses have come to believe that there is an asymmetric relationship between the company and its buyers. But what research has discovered is that many of today’s B2B buyers are NOT empowered and they have little interest in being so. Download the eBook to find out why.

One-Up and the Power of Authority


Imagine you are responsible for producing results that have become increasingly difficult to achieve.

Relationship Selling is the Key to Your Sales Challenges

Anthony Cole Training

Most organizations and advisors have been working long term to be more customer-focused. The challenge is for advisors to be productive and assertive without coming across to customers as sales-driven.

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Is Rapport Dead? 6 Ways to Demonstrate Value for Virtual Buyers in the Age of Remote Buying

Sales Hacker

Sales professionals have been selling over the phone and video for years. So why does it feel like we’ve entered a new age of sales? Obviously, the COVID-19 pandemic changed the game for virtually every business in early 2020.

High NRR Can Mask a Lot of Problems


Having high net revenue / dollar retention is the magic of SaaS. If you have 120% NRR, you double in 5 years, even with no new customers! Above that, and you really get into magical compounding growth. But … high NRR can also mask issues. I see this so often. It can mask: 1.

The Definitive Guide to the Top 4 Sales Enablement Metrics

See what metrics matter to increase productivity and revenue and your organization. This guide will help you stay data-driven while avoiding data overload.

7 Essential Sales Process Steps to Drive Massive Profits


Is sales an art or a science? In other words, is it more important for salespeople to be creative and innovative, or that they’re able to follow a set process to achieve proven results ? Sales

Highspot Announces the Strategic Enablement Framework and New Platform Innovations to Drive Revenue Performance


Spring 2022 Release introduces the definitive model for enablement success and new product capabilities to equip, train and coach revenue teams.

Episode 32: Technical Products Don’t = Complex Emails

Sales Hacker

??Want to write sales emails like a pro? Kristina and Will look at common email mistakes (using real examples) and rewrite them so that you can learn what to do differently. Join Kristina Finseth (Sr.

A Look Back: 3 Amazing SaaStr Sessions with Dharmesh Shah, Co-Founder and CTO of HubSpot


I miss #SaaStrAnnual and all my fellow SaaS peeps. Hope to see you this year, @jasonlk. link]. — dharmesh (@dharmesh) January 21, 2022.


The Business Case and Playbook for Data-Driven Sales Coaching

Sales coaching & learning is a wise investment, but also requires you to do it right. This eBook will serve as a springboard for your business case, playbook, and implementation plan as you consider an investment to improve data-driven sales coaching.

IN PERSON EVENT: More Social Than SaaS Austin, TX


The post IN PERSON EVENT: More Social Than SaaS Austin, TX appeared first on JB Sales

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How to Get Your Sales Team to Embrace Change

Engage Selling

Are you struggling to get your sales team to embrace change? Enabling your sellers with the best strategies and tactics is critical to success. But, there is a fine line … Read More. The post How to Get Your Sales Team to Embrace Change first appeared on Colleen Francis - The Sales Leader.

Invention, Innovation, Improvement

Partners in Excellence

The three “I’s” are critical to success and growth. What do they mean to sales and marketing? Why are they important to revenue generation functions, what should we be doing about them?