Sun.Feb 11, 2024

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Mastering Resilience in B2B Sales: Unlock Mental Health and Sales Success Strategies


In the high-stakes world of B2B sales, rejection and competition are not just challenges but opportunities for growth. Discover how transforming your approach to rejection, learning from losses, and managing sales pressures can not only improve your mental health but also significantly boost your sales effectiveness. Dive into practical strategies and insights that empower sales professionals to bounce back stronger, close more deals, and cultivate a positive, resilient mindset for lasting succe

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Top SaaStr Content for the Week: Two New Podcasts, LIVE Workshop Wednesday with Founders Fund, and lots more!


Each week, we round up our most popular content so you can catch up on anything you may have missed. Check out this week’s top blog posts, podcasts, and videos: Top Blog Posts This Week: 3 What to Do If You’re An NRR Zombie 2024 State of SaaS: Trends and Predictions with SaaStr CEO and Founder, Jason Lemkin The $2 Million(*) Dollar Man/Woman: How to Think About Scaling Your Customer Success Team (Updated) Sapphire Ventures: GenAI Funding is Up 271%.

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The Art and Science of Complex Sales Podcast


Ever wonder why some sales teams soar while others falter? The answer might lie within the nuances of coaching versus auditing. Join Alan Versteeg, Global Chief Revenue Officer of Growth Matters, as he guides us through the transformative shift from 'cannonball management' to 'cruise missile management,' a strategy that demands real-time action correction to boost sales efficacy.

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Why sales enablement is now essential to the enterprise


Last week, you may have seen our CEO Robert’s blog about the new Customer Success investments we’re making in 2024 to help all our customers soar to new heights with Highspot. Now, I’m sharing more details about our first-sale teams’ strategy, including new talent joining us at a time when sales enablement has become essential to businesses’ go-to-market (GTM) success.

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How to Improve Email Deliverability and Optimize Each Send

Learn how to optimize email deliverability and drive greater email ROI. What lands your email in the customer’s inbox? Understanding those factors, otherwise known as email deliverability, is critical to getting the most return on your campaign investments. But the “rules” around which factors land you in the spam folder aren’t always easy to keep up with.