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The SCHEDULE For Tomorrow (Ecomm VS Expert)


The post The SCHEDULE For Tomorrow (Ecomm VS Expert) appeared first on ClickFunnels. Here is the plan…. AHHH!!! We get started TOMORROW!!! I’m SO EXCITED!

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WEBINAR: Morgan J. Ingram hosts “How to Create a LinkedIn Profile That Stands Out and Drives Action” [Registrations Available Soon!]


The post WEBINAR: Morgan J. Ingram hosts “How to Create a LinkedIn Profile That Stands Out and Drives Action” [Registrations Available Soon!] appeared first on JB Sales

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8 Things That Change When Your Company is Acquired


There’s been a run of incredible M&A, from Salesforce buying Slack for $27B, to Qualtrics’ $8b acquisition by SAP (and later IPO at $20b+), to Github’s $7.5b exit to Microsoft to Mulesoft to Salesforce for $6.5b

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You Get What You Plan For

Tibor Shanto

By Tibor Shanto. Last week I started these two parts look at planning for a successful sales year. One thing that may not have come across is that planning is an ongoing process, rather than a periodic thing.

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Top 10 Free Animation Software for 2022


No matter your age, animation has somehow made its way into your heart. Today, anyone can create complex moving images at their fingertips with animation software.


LAST CALL For VIP (We’re Starting!!!)


The post LAST CALL For VIP (We’re Starting!!!) appeared first on ClickFunnels. Here we go!!! SO… the Ecomm VS Expert challenge is starting!!!! Few quick things…. VIP’s – we go LIVE @ 10:00 AM Eastern!!!! ==> if you’re not a VIP yet, this is your LAST CHANCE to upgrade >>.


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Win/loss analysis – are you learning as much as you should?


I’m always stunned by how little win/loss analysis we do. Of course, when we win or lose a deal, there is some reason code–usually some drop down in CRM that gives us a handful of choices about why we won or why we lost. Sales Management

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The Monday Morning Breakfast For Champions Podcast – Episode 55 – Jake Dunlap

Tibor Shanto

Subscribe today , and take the Breakfast on the go! Jake Dunlap – CEO of Skaled , and in that role, everyday Jake helps companies operationalize key aspects of their sales and marketing organization.

Dear SaaStr: What Makes a Bad CTO?


Dear SaaStr: What Makes a Bad CTO? While there is no legal definition for CTO or bright line between CTO and VPE, I’d suggest a start-up CTO really only has to do a few things — which are very hard: Assemble a small team (3–9) of very good engineers. That are super agile.

IMPORTANT: Block This Out On Your Calendar ASAP


The post IMPORTANT: Block This Out On Your Calendar ASAP appeared first on ClickFunnels. Don’t book anything else during this time.

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WEBINAR: John Barrows hosts “How to Fill Your Pipeline Faster with a Multi-Touch Prospecting Approach” SPONSORED BY DRIFT [Registration Available Soon!]


The post WEBINAR: John Barrows hosts “How to Fill Your Pipeline Faster with a Multi-Touch Prospecting Approach” SPONSORED BY DRIFT [Registration Available Soon!] appeared first on JB Sales

Highspot and Outreach Expand Partnership to Help Companies Increase Sales Rep Performance


New integration enables sales reps to efficiently deliver personalized engagement at scale. SEATTLE, Jan.

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Crypto billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried names 2 potential ethereum-killers as the next big blockchains: report

Business Insider

Sam Bankman-Fried. Crypto billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried predicted the big blockchains of 2022. The FTX CEO's picks were potential ethereum-killers solana and avalanche, Decrypt reported. Solana and avalanche are ranked No. 7 and No. 12, respectively, according to CoinMarketCap data.

How Product and Customer Success Can Empower Customers of any Size with Dataiku (Video)


No matter whether your business has two clients or two thousand, you want to give them the best customer experience possible. But how can you build a product that provides a superior experience across vastly different scales? . Over the last decade, Dataiku has built a robust enterprise AI platform.

Hey… Can You Come Intro Yourself Real Quick?


The post Hey… Can You Come Intro Yourself Real Quick? appeared first on ClickFunnels. We want to get to know you! So, we are starting the “Ecomm VS Expert SMACKDOWN” on Thursday, but I wanted you to come meet the 17k+ other Funnel Hackers who will be attending this event!

What is Brand Equity in Marketing? (How to Become Memorable)


There are two cans of soda on a table. One is a Coca-Cola can, and the other is a cheaper, white label cola brand. Which do you choose? You’ll probably choose Coke because it’s more familiar. It’s the safer bet. Coca-Cola has brand equity that makes people gravitate towards it.

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Episode 13: A Couple Takes on a Pretty Good Email

Sales Hacker

Want to write sales emails like a pro? Kristina and Will look at common email mistakes (using real examples) and rewrite them so that you can learn what to do differently.

Labour calls for attorney general to tell ministers and officials not to delete photos or texts from lockdown parties

Business Insider

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Getty. Labour's Emily Thornberry said ministers and officials must be reminded to preserve records. It came as details of parties held despite lockdown rules threaten Boris Johnson's government.

2022 Outlook: An Old School Selling Model Becomes Cutting Edge

Selling Power

Before you go into 2022 with a poor-fitting sales model, figure out where your offer’s buying decision lies on a customer’s “willingness to engage” scale. Sales Process & Methodology

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16,528 People!?! What’s Your #1 Question?


The post 16,528 People!?! What’s Your #1 Question? appeared first on ClickFunnels. Holy moly – did you see this? So, we’ve got over 16k people registered for the “Ecomm VS Expert” SMACKDOWN this Thursday and Friday…! I’m SO EXCITED!


Brand Strategy vs. Marketing Strategy (And How they Work Together)


Humans love shortcuts to decision-making. Brands do that. More than three-quarters of consumers (76%) say they would buy from a brand they feel connected to over a competitor.

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Marketers: What should you focus on in 2022?


Happy New Year! Somebody asked me what my predictions for 2022 would be, and I answered, “I don’t know what you can predict because there’s something crazy happening all the time.” ” Take 2021, the year we thought everything would start getting back to normal.

30,000 union workers call on Biden to cancel all student debt: 'We are wanting to let him know that unions have demands on him'

Business Insider

President Joe Biden. Brendan Smialowski/AFP via Getty Images. The Western Massachusetts Area Labor Federation urged President Biden to cancel all student debt. The federation also called on lawmakers like Sen. Elizabeth Warren to keep pressure on the issue.

Google Search Console launches desktop page experience report

Search Engine Land

We now have a tool from Google to see how well our desktop URLs do with page experience. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article

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Top Post & Vids of the Week: CEO GitLab, CMO Reprise, CEO Databricks, CMO Calendly, VPS HubSpot, and More!


Top Blog Posts This Week: 5 Interesting Learnings from Braze at $260,000,000 in ARR. Why a Great Rep Can Close 9x More Than a Poor Rep, and Even 2.5x More Than a Good Rep. Every Marketing Initiative, Every Channel … Plateaus. Plan for It.

How to Radically Stand Out with Brand Marketing


Jeff Bezos’s private space technology company Blue Origin was founded back in 2000. You’d think that no one could recreate a product so sophisticated and advanced as space rockets, right? In 2002, Elon Musk created Space X. He was swiftly followed by Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic in 2004.

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Five B2B sales tools you must add to Salesforce


If you are considering a Salesforce installation, or are already using it, you may already know that a plain vanilla installation is not going to give you what you need to improve sales productivity.

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Microsoft to buy embattled 'Call of Duty' publisher Activision for $68 billion

Business Insider

Microsoft's head of Xbox, Phil Spencer. Dan Steinberg/Invision/AP. Microsoft is buying "Call of Duty" publisher Activision. Microsoft is paying $68.7 billion in cash for the game company. Activision owns Blizzard and King, and Microsoft will acquire those companies in the deal.

How to Ramp Salespeople Up Fast On New Sales Technology

Sales Gravy

Most sales organizations and sales enablement teams are actively seeking ways to ramp salespeople up fast on new sales technology. Likewise, many sales leaders and executives have experienced the frustration of investing in Sales Tech only to see it go unused by their sellers.

Dear SaaStr: How Much Does The VC On My Board Make If We Sell for 1 Billion?


Q: Dear SaaStr: How Much Does The VC On My Board Make If We Sell for 1 Billion? Often not as much as you’d think. Each general partner might make $5m here on a $1B exit. Let’s say you as a founder own 10% at a $1B exit, and a seed VC fund also owns 10%.

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Why data-driven decision-making is the foundation of successful CX


Without actionable data, customer experience strategies are doomed to fail. Lisa Loftis, Principal of Customer Intelligence Solutions at SAS, discussed some interesting CX findings from Futurum Research in her presentation at our MarTech conference.

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7 Steps to Improve Your Outbound Sales

Anthony Cole Training

To improve your outbound selling success, you must have a process that you strictly follow and regularly improve upon, be a continual learner, and focus on building relationships.

More patients are getting COVID-19 during hospital stays. Experts worry it's because infected healthcare workers are sick on the job.

Business Insider

Registered nurse Akiko Gordon works in the ICU at Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital in Los Angeles, California on December 31, 2021. Francine Orr / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images. The CDC announced looser isolation rules for healthcare workers in December amid staffing shortages.

URL changes are not so simple for Google Search

Search Engine Land

Making URL changes to your site can take several months for Google to process. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article