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The Phone First Sales Organization


Every day, many thousands of salespeople send emails to their prospective clients. Their sales leaders allow their teams to send these emails, and what is worse, many count those emails as a prospecting activity.

The Move to Inside Sales | Sales Strategies

Engage Selling

???????? One of the shifts we’re noticing in today’s marketplace involves the move to inside sales. Field sales reps are doing more inside sales than ever before. So, those of … Read More.


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Why Legacy Salespeople Lose to Truly Consultative Salespeople


The primary challenge in sales today is that the legacy approaches don't position the salesperson appropriately in the first meeting.

Dear SaaStr:  What Was The Best Advice You Ever Got From an Angel Investor


Dear SaaStr: What Was The Best Advice You Ever Got From an Angel Investor. The best advice I ever got from one of my angel investors: Stop feeling sorry for yourself. I went to meet with one of my angels and mentors when things were probably toughest at my last start-up.

Price 101

Demystifying Intent Data to Drive Demand in B2B

Speaker: Ardath Albee, B2B Marketing Strategist and CEO of Marketing Interactions

Acting on intent data when applied to buyer context can be a game-changer for gaining attention by increasing relevance, which drives purposeful engagement toward purchase. But all intent data is not the same. In this webinar, learn the difference between interest and intent, and the best ways to use the right data.

Breakfast For Champions Podcast – Episode 77 – Jack Kosakowski – June 17, 2022

Tibor Shanto

According to the bio, Jack Kosakowski is a lifetime sales professional that has taken on the role of CEO (US Division) at Creation Agency which is a Global Marketing Agency focused on increasing pipeline for some of the fastest growing companies in the world of tech.

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The Invisible Sales Manager


A sales manager needs to be seen and heard if they are going to lead their sales force. One of the downsides of our technologies is that the salesperson can monitor their sales force's results over long distances.

In The End, The “Covid Boost” in SaaS Was a Bust


Almost every category of SaaS exploded during the lockdown, but three saw just crazy boosts: Zoom went from $1B to $3.5B in a year! Shopify accelerated to 110% growth at $3B ARR! DocuSign’s billings growth accelerated to 61% at %1.5B Incredible boosts, and their stock prices went on a tear.

B2B Sales Podcast – 7 Big Sales Pipeline Challenges and How to Fix Them

Closing Bigger

This sales podcast episode is focused on how B2B sellers can plug the most common holes in their sales pipeline. When I am working with sales teams part of my sales training and sales enablement process involves getting out in the field and helping individual salespeople build their sales strategy.

Are you still using spreadsheets to manage your work? Take our poll


Earlier this year, revenue orchestration platform LeanData released a report suggesting that lead management remains a “heavily manual” process.

B2C 77

The State of XaaS Sales 2022

Technology as a service (XaaS), sold on a subscription basis, is becoming the industry’s dominant go-to-market model. Discover what impact this change has on sales, and gain insight into how to optimize your sales organization for selling XaaS.

5 Proven Tips That Can Increase Virtual Sales

Anthony Cole Training

Many people prefer purchasing things online nowadays. In fact, three-quarters of surveyed buyers prefer virtual sales over traditional sales. If virtual selling is already part of your business strategy, you might want to ramp your efforts up.

Sales 80

No One Needs a Bad Salesperson


I'm arguing with Jonathan Graham and Michael Price from the Inward Book Club. They have been kind enough to review a number of my books, and I like them very much. Our small bit of conflict is the result of being two people separated by language. Modern Sales Approach

Price 183

The Only Truly Terrible Venture Term is a Tranche


So with times much tougher in the venture and public markets, you’ll see a lot more talk about tougher “terms” in VC rounds, especially later rounds: Structural terms, guaranteeing a certain return that many VCs will say are “more akin to debt”.

Price 78

The 10-Point Strategy for Leading Sales Teams in a Recession

Sales Hacker

In my newsletter several weeks ago, I hypothesized that we may experience a recession. It is our job as leaders and sales professionals to prepare for such an eventuality. You don’t want to be caught off guard and find yourself in the dangerous place of being reactive.

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PepsiCo’s strategies for marketing via online games and esports


Marketers have never had more opportunities to break into in-game advertising, due to the growing number of users and the evolving technology for brand placements.

Flexible Persistence

Partners in Excellence

Reading an outstanding article by Reid Hoffman, False Choices , one term leaped out to me—flexible persistence. It’s such an important and powerful concept. As sellers and managers we get, possibly to a fault, the concept of persistence.

Who Am I To Tell My Client What To Do?


The concept of being One-Up means you believe your client is One-Down as it pertains to decision-making and the better results they need help producing.

How to Optimize Hiring & Create a Culture of Shared Values With Gusto Co-Founder & CEO Josh Reeves (Pod 565)


To celebrate 10 years of SaaStr, we’re revisiting some classic podcast episodes. Up today: a 2016 interview with Harry Stebbings and Gusto Co-Founder and CEO Josh Reeves. At the time of this interview, Gusto had 350 employees serving 40,000 customers.

30 days in 30 minutes: Stories from Experts to Turn Your Demos into Revenue

Sales Hacker

Fresh off his West Coast Storytelling Tour, Nick Capozzi , Demostack’s Head of Storytelling, has spent the last 30 days on a quest to find out how the best and the brightest in sales utilize storytelling.

Sales 69

Email: An early check in before the holiday madness begins


Remember the GEICO TV commercial where Caleb the Camel swaggers through an office shouting, “Guess what day it is?” ” Now picture me hanging over your cubicle and waving my hands to get your attention. “Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike! Guess what time of year it is!”

Predictable Revenue And Wild Assed Guessing

Partners in Excellence

Predictable Revenue, a concept popularized by Aaron Ross in the first edition of Predictable Revenue (2011), is important. It’s important to us, perhaps to forecast commission earnings and when we might buy that new car or go on the big vacation.

5 Interesting Learnings from HashiCorp at $400,000,000 in ARR


So fewer Cloud devops / commercial open source startups were more respected pre-IPO than HashiCorp — and still are. The product is there, the market is strong, the founders and CEO are great.

What Should We Add to Membrain’s Coaching Cockpit?


If there’s one thing almost all sales experts agree on, it’s that sales coaching is critically important. And that too few are doing it effectively. Sales Coaching

Sales 69

Why clean data is key to organizational success


The lack of clean data is one of the main issues affecting digital brands today, making it difficult for marketing teams to effectively target and engage with audiences.

The Value of an MVP from a Business Acumen Perspective

The Advantexe Advisor

“My biggest learning from the SaaS business simulation experience?

On Persuasion and Convincing Clients


There must be something in the water that is causing salespeople to suggest in writing their new desire to avoid persuading or convincing their clients to do something. Let's call this phenomenon "the super conscious salesperson."

10 Common Misconceptions About Getting Funded


Q: What are some common misconceptions about funding a startup? A few: Things are magically better when you get funded. It helps a bit, but in the first few rounds, you rarely raise enough to let you hire everyone you want, do every campaign you want, etc. It helps, but it’s not a radical change.

Understanding Competency Based Assessments - What Ditch Diggers and Salespeople Have in Common!

Understanding the Sales Force

I use a tool called Zapier to create zaps that automate some of the tasks that I do. Zapier's newsletter had an article on 11 tech tools you need during economic uncertainty or in other words, during a recession.

ActionIQ rebrands and launches CX Hub


Enterprise customer data platform ActionIQ has announced the launch of a new product, CX Hub. The company has also rebranded as AIQ. The CX Hub is designed as a set of modules offering self-service access to customer data, allowing users to build audiences and orchestrate experiences at scale.

Understanding the Customer Buying Motives

Anthony Cole Training

Knowing and understanding your prospect's buying motives allows you to make better decisions on whether to engage and pursue a potential sales opportunity. advanced sales techniques buying motives customer buying habits

Prioritize the Fundamentals


The Consumer Price Index (CPI) reached 8.6%, the highest inflation recorded in the last four decades. Energy prices are up by more than 34%, food is up more than 10%, and the average price of an apartment just reached $2,000.

Price 177

10 Things That Make Your Investors Lose Confidence


These are Strange Times Indeed in SaaS and Cloud. The best SaaS companies from Datadog to Snowflake to HubSpot to Salesforce are growing faster than ever, even past $1B or more in ARR. And yet, the stock market has taken a big tumble, leading among other things to dramatic change in the VC ecosystem.

Enlightened Management with Tony Carnesi & Brian Gorman

criteria for success

Happy Monday, Let's Talk Sales listeners! This week's episodes features the Tony Carnesi and Brian Gorman of Do-Be Associates ! Do-Be Associates empowers business owners to fully realize their vision for success. .