How Sony Interactive Entertainment built a winning marketing data strategy


Loretta Shen, Director of Product Marketing at Salesforce, introduced Kana Roberts, Senior Manager of MarTech Measurement and Analytics at Sony Interactive Entertainment, at our recent MarTech conference. ” How Sony Interactive Entertainment built a winning marketing data strategy.

The Humor Gamut: How to Be Entertaining With Your Brand Voice

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Not every brand has the chops to be cheeky. Guest Post Marketing


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Consumer interest in nightlife, entertainment, fitness businesses surge; Thursday’s daily brief

Search Engine Land

And holiday sales will break a new record as Cyber Week growth slows down. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article

Good morning: Pricing is also messaging


Of course, live entertainment and air travel are two industries closely watching the latest news on the Omicron variant. Customer & Digital Experience Ecommerce covid-19 entertainment industry events price comparison retail

Price 106

Conversion Feud – Live Entertainment Show at ConversionXL Live 2015


The post Conversion Feud – Live Entertainment Show at ConversionXL Live 2015 appeared first on ConversionXL. At ConversionXL Live fun is a serious business. This year we tried something never done before – we played a Family Feud style game show we called Conversion Feud. We had two teams of speakers, trying to guess what the actual conference audience (who were surveyed before) answered to questions asked from the contestants.

Why You Should Publish Content for Entertainment Value Alone


But I''m going to go out on a limb here and say that everyone loves to be entertained. So if everyone loves being entertained, then a piece of content that entertains would be valuable, right? There''s a reason entertainment value is an actual thing. Content That Purely Entertains Has Its Place, Too. Benefits of Content That Entertains. There are quite a few benefits to publishing some content that is purely meant to entertain.

20 Must-See SlideShare Presentations That'll Inform, Inspire & Entertain


If you''re regularly on our blog, you know that we love SlideShare presentations. What better way to display valuable pieces of information than through a visual format like a SlideShare? Last year we posted an article about 20 inspiring SlideShare presentations we wanted to share with our audience. Well, we can''t get enough. There are so many more presentations like these that are valuable that we wanted to share another 20 for you to check out.

How to Entertain Business Etiquette When Dining for Profit

Sales Gravy

If you pay attention to the details and make every effort to see that your clients have a pleasant experience, they will assume that you will handle their business the same way. Before long you could have them eating out of your hand

21 of the Best Podcasts, Movies, Shows, Books & Apps to Keep You Entertained While Traveling


If you're looking for entertaining, relevant stories, it's a great place to spend some time. Each episode lasts anywhere from 90 minutes to 2+ hours, so if you download a few before you leave, you'll get through your flights with some top-notch entertainment. Whether you're driving across town, stuck on a layover, or settling down for an overnight train ride, you're going to have some time to kill the next time you travel.

Business reopenings have flattened while new leisure and hospitality openings drove growth, according to Yelp

Search Engine Land

A surge in consumer interest for nightlife, fitness and entertainment may indicate less hesitancy among consumers to engage in activities where it’s difficult or impossible to socially distance.

Professional Speakers vs Corporate Speakers: Which Is Right For Your Event?

David Meerman Scott

No matter what your plans looks like, planning an event requires bringing engaging speakers who can entertain and inform your audience.

3 Ways to Negotiate Better By Giving In Slowly

Cerebral Selling

For example, if your service costs $125 per user per month, you might be tempted to offer (or entertain your customer’s offer of) a 15% discount, which would be an $18.25 One of the most important concepts in negotiation has to do with feelings of satisfaction.

Netflix Tonight? No Thanks, I’m Watching a Teams recording!

The Advantexe Advisor

Yes, everything has changed, and we are now all settling into new patterns of living, working, exercising, and enjoying amazing entertainment at home through digital systems that provide superior enjoyment.

An Easy Guide On Using FB Ads To Blow Up Your Podcast


Entertain – Although the traditional radio may be a dying medium, consider that customers have been listening to their entertainment for decades on end. The post An Easy Guide On Using FB Ads To Blow Up Your Podcast appeared first on ClickFunnels.

The Whack-A-Mole Approach to Sales Management

Anthony Cole Training

When I was younger, my source of entertainment was hanging out at sports bars with pool tables, shuffleboards and basketball games. About 25 years ago, that entertainment became watching my kids enjoy the arcade games Dave and Busters offered. It’s been a few years since I’ve been in a Dave and Busters establishment. There was a time when I would go at least once a year.

Consumer tolerance for traditional advertising continues to fall


Lower consumer tolerance and higher expectations of brands are impacting “the composition and size of audiences for ad-supported media and entertainment brands.”

App opt-in rates climb despite Apple’s permission requirements


Gaming had the most opt-ins at 30%, followed by social (22%), e-commerce (21%), travel (17%), lifestyle (15%), entertainment (14%), fintech and health and fitness (11%), publications (10%). .

T-Mobile acquires Octopus Interactive rideshare adtech platform


Current Octopus clients include audio publisher Audible, OTT streaming service Philo and Fox Entertainment, among others. Today, T-Mobile announced the acquisition of Octopus Interactive, an adtech platform that manages a network of interactive screens in Uber and Lyft ridesharing cars.

Social media marketers need fresh tactics for posting on CTV apps


For example, some social media CTV apps are more for entertainment, which plays better on the big screen if the brand is trying to build awareness. For TikTok, you log in for entertainment, and that falls into what viewers also do on YouTube and aligns more with CTV.”.

Nielsen’s Gracenote adds predictive content analytics


Gracenote, the content solutions division of marketing measurement firm Nielsen, has unveiled a new tool, Audience Predict, which will deliver predictive insights into future entertainment programming performance.

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A Case For Automation

Tibor Shanto

Any discussion they entertain has to be about “how will this get me to where I need to get?” By Tibor Shanto. There is a lot of chatter on some of the social platforms about the need and or use of automation.

The Best Online Sales Training Ever

A Sales Guy

Our goal was to make Gap Selling Online Training fun, engaging, powerful and entertaining. It’s here, We just dropped Gap Selling Online Sales Training and it’s going to blow your mind. It’s 5 – 8 hours of engaging, customized, choose your own journey experience.

Why event technology is critical to marketing success


There are simply too many distractions vying for audiences’ time, whether it be social media, entertainment channels, educational videos or other kinds of content.

A Business Acumen Perspective on the Pricing of Training Post Pandemic

The Advantexe Advisor

Consuming training is in many ways similar to consuming entertainment. There are various forms of delivery, you can go through it many times, and if it is good, you remember it forever. Consider for a moment the phenomenon of the musical Hamilton.

DistroTV announces Spanish-language ad-supported free streaming bundle


Additionally there are Entertainment and Lifestyle channels, as well as the Euronews Espanol channel for news and opinion. Independent free ad-supported streaming television (FAST) platform DistroTV announced a new Spanish-language bundle, DistroTV Espanol.

NBCUniversal launches comprehensive NBCUnified platform


Because of NBCUniversal’s focus on entertainment, their NBCUnified offering is more diverse and potentially engaging to consumers than feeding retail customers additional ads in-store or on the store’s app.

Brand Storytelling and How It Increases Brand Loyalty


It includes many of the elements used in regular storytelling to inform, entertain, and inspire. The post Brand Storytelling and How It Increases Brand Loyalty appeared first on ClickFunnels. There are lots of online businesses out there, each one competing for customers.

Michael Kors, Sony, Amazon… see who you’ll train with at MarTech


Your All Access pass unlocks 75+ tactic-rich sessions featuring experts from Amazon Web Services, HBO Max, United States Soccer Federation, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Michael Kors , and dozens more.

16 Best Elevator Pitches We’ve Seen


Morning Brew is another email newsletter that sends out pertinent and entertaining news every day for free. VALUE] Stay informed and entertained, for free. The post 16 Best Elevator Pitches We’ve Seen appeared first on ClickFunnels.

Pitch 207

Breakthrough Innovation: Looking Back to Look Forward

The Advantexe Advisor

How can the Beatles and Mel Brooks, who started their careers in the 1950s, and had long careers through multiple decades, provide insights into breakthrough innovation in 2022?

What’s Your Funniest Sales Story Ever?

Anthony Cole Training

They know me as a high energy, enthusiastic and entertaining sales trainer. I'm heading to a sales training session about 12 years ago. It's a client in downtown Cincinnati and I've been working with them for two years. In other words, I stand up, I move around, I'm engaged, I role play, we learn a lot and people make more sales. sales people sales techniques training sales inspirational sales problems

Convert Buyers by Unleashing their Hidden Enemies

Cerebral Selling

When it comes to high-impact messages that break through your customer’s armor and motivate them to purchase, the best ones are emotionally-charged. And as I’ve discussed in the past, few types of messages deliver the requisite dose of emotion like polarizing messages do.

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The journey from journalism to SEO marketing expert


I started as a journalist covering the media, entertainment and technology space back in India in 2013. Sidharth Iyer is an SEO marketing consultant who has worked in marketing for more than a decade.

Walking the walk: Tuesday’s Daily Brief


Lower consumer tolerance and higher expectations of brands are impacting “the composition and size of audiences for ad-supported media and entertainment brands.”. They’re looking for information or content or just entertainment directed at their own personal needs of the moment.

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How Sony Interactive Entertainment levels up their marketing data strategy , with Salesforce. Searching for best-of-breed marketing technology to manage your mountain of data? Wondering how to move forward in a cookieless world ? Hungry for data-rich case studies to inspire new initiatives ?

How To Create a Winning Video Sales Letter (VSL)


They’re scrolling on Facebook, probably looking for entertainment, and your ad pops up. The post How To Create a Winning Video Sales Letter (VSL) appeared first on ClickFunnels.

Kayla’s App of the Week: Likewise

Heinz Marketing

Searching through the app store, I wanted to find something that would entertain me and help me fill my time in quarantine. I put in all my favorite types of food, genres of entertainment, etc. By Kayla Beard , Marketing Intern at Heinz Marketing.


The Lost Book of Sales

5 + 1 ways to emit confidence This movie was some top-class entertainment by the way, a strong recommendation. So, let's get down to business. This will help you seem confident, trustworthy and professional. Hint, don't take this all too seriously.

Gap Selling Training Certification is Here!

A Sales Guy

We need a team of excited, fanatical, brilliant, entertaining trainers taking the sales world to the next level. It’s here!! We’ve just launched the Gap Selling Certification program and I couldn’t be any more excited.

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COVID-19 prompts consumers to ask big questions


There are indications in the survey results that consumers are looking for relaxation, entertainment and an escape from reality, whether through social or traditional media.