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5 ways to align PPC campaigns with business objectives

Search Engine Land

I’ve had more conversations over the years with some clients on why average CPC is up year on year, why they aren’t top of the SERP on certain searches, or why the bounce rate is so high on a Shopping ad compared to a Search, rather than discussing how our overall business objectives are progressing.

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80% Of Prospects Use One Of Five Common Objections

Tibor Shanto

Ask any group of salespeople why they don’t like telephone prospecting, objections or rejections are number one on the list. While every cold call or prospecting call will result in an objection, the objections are not all that different. Your question can be a key to unlocking a train of thought. Sell Different !


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From Legacy to Modern Sales Approaches, Objections | Part 6


The Gist: The legacy approaches to sales are designed to overcome objections. The legacy approach to handling objections is inadequate to resolve these concerns for our clients. Legacy Laggard: Overcoming Objections. Legacy Solution: Overcoming Objections + Proof. Part 2 | The Starting Question. Part 3 | Information.

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Data literacy: The key to correcting the C-suite trust deficit


Introducing objectivity through data In “Hamlet,” Shakespeare writes, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” Usually, there is no objectivity because leadership comes up with an idea and we execute it. Therefore, we need to introduce objectivity to how we work. But who’s right?

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Why the shift from ‘conversions’ to ‘key events’ in GA4 is a game-changer

Search Engine Land

The recent shift from “conversions” to “key events” in (GA4) represents a significant change that digital marketers, especially SEO professionals, need to understand and act on. Google explained: “To distinguish conversions in Google Analytics from those in Google Ads, Analytics conversions are now called key events.

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How To Overcome The Partner Objection

The 5% Institute

In this article, you’ll learn how to overcome the partner objection; which is one of the more common sales objections you’ll come across during your sales conversations. The real questions is though; is how do you overcome the partner objection in a way that’s not pushy or in a way that lacks empathy? This is by qualifying.

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7 Winning Steps for Effective Objection Handling


We learned very quickly that the biggest obstacle to closing new business isn’t the objections themselves, it’s how the team manages the objections. The key to effective objection handling is using a question-based framework that puts the prospect at ease. Why is objection handling important?