5 Ways You Can Leverage Sales Leadership to Close the Sales Gap

STAR Results

Unleash the 10X Factor to Close the Sales Gap. Do you want to close the sales gap? Doing nothing is not an option! Businesses are starting to open, which hopefully is a good thing.

The Art of Good Sales Questions

A Sales Guy

Can you see the difference between the two questions in this video? Can you see how they will elicit entirely different responses from the buyer? Can you see how based on the questions, and the answers, how one question sets the salesperson up for success and the other keeps them in the same place?


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How to Pitch Using Questions

Cerebral Selling

What’s your favorite movie? Chances are when you read that question your mind became both focused and very busy as you searched your data banks for a suitable answer. You were instantly focused, trying to reconcile both factual (which movies have I seen?)

Pitch 148

2020: The Great Teacher

Force Management

Through podcasts, conversations and LinkedIn activity, you’ve probably heard me call 2020 the “great teacher.”. No matter who you are or where you are in this world, we all have learned something about ourselves this year. I like to compare the 2020 business landscape to boats in the harbor.

6 Proven B2B Marketing Strategies and How to Use Them

Bold tactics. Innovative ideas. Thriving revenue growth. Behind every great B2B marketing campaign is an amazing story. Learn the strategies behind six winning B2B marketing campaigns — directly from the marketers that made them. Read the stories now!

3 Smart, Sustainable Ways to Monitor Your Organic Search Rankings


“Why don’t we rank first for [keyword]”? Every SEO analyst gets this question. And every business investing in SEO uses keyword rankings to judge performance.

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How to sell more with the trust, align, grow framework


Early in my selling career, I realized that there was a fundamental problem with the way most sellers approach the work of growing business within established accounts. I talked a little about this last week in my piece about outside-in account growth. Account Growth Planning & Execution

Trust 135

How to Set Sales Targets in Uncertain Times

Engage Selling

Salespeople, business leaders, and shareholders thrive on having reliable and realistic sales targets. Without them, you can’t possibly gauge performance. Setting those sales targets, more importantly, hinges on being able to consistently anticipate the future.

Sales 135

Sensory Marketing for Intangibles


Sensory marketing is possible for intangible products, services, and ideas. Here are examples from Friction by Roger Dooley. The post Sensory Marketing for Intangibles appeared first on Neuromarketing.

4 Types of Questions to Uncover Customers’ Most Pressing Needs

Miller Heiman Group

Now is the time when organizations need problem-solvers who can help them overcome unforeseen challenges, putting sellers in a position to engage with customers on a deeper level than ever before.

Content Creation & Curation: The Missing Link Between Sales & Marketing

Speaker: Pam Didner - B2B and Tech Marketing Consultant

Content plays a vital role in creating a symbiotic –– and successful –– relationship and alignment between your sales and marketing teams. Join Pam Didner to learn how to create and curate great content to support your sales and revenue goals!

Companies Surprised by Unexpected Remote Selling Challenges

Understanding the Sales Force

Forget Consultative Selling, Value Selling and Sales Process - the things I talk about most often. The inability to sell that way is nothing - and I mean nothing compared with what I'm going to explain today!

Sell 117

Developing Master Sales Coaches

STAR Results

Developing Master Sales Coaches. Do you have a team of master sales coaches? Are your sales managers ready to crush it in 2020 or will it be another frustrating, mediocre 12-months?

Sales 194

The Only Thing That Matters When Cold Calling

A Sales Guy

Too many salespeople miss amazing opportunities to improve their cold calling success and conversions. They waste time trying to build engagement or be liked. The key is to establish credibility as someone who can help them as quickly as possible.

Convert Buyers by Unleashing their Hidden Enemies

Cerebral Selling

When it comes to high-impact messages that break through your customer’s armor and motivate them to purchase, the best ones are emotionally-charged. And as I’ve discussed in the past, few types of messages deliver the requisite dose of emotion like polarizing messages do.

Sell 130

New Ways to Reach, Influence, and Close More Deals with Intent Data

Speaker: Ardath Albee, B2B Marketing Strategist and CEO of Marketing Interactions

Acting on intent data when applied to buyer context can be a game-changer for gaining attention by increasing relevance, which drives purposeful engagement toward purchase. But all intent data is not the same. In this webinar, learn the difference between interest and intent, and the best ways to use the right data.

Remote Selling is Here to Stay: 3 Ways to Drive Numbers Up

Force Management

Remote selling, buying, prospecting and training is here to stay. Even as lockdowns and restrictions loosen, B2B buyers continue to embrace, but also seem to prefer, remote interactions over face-to face meetings. That’s according to new research just published by McKinsey.

Google Will Soon Rank “Passages.” Does It Matter?


On October 15, Google announced that it will integrate more artificial intelligence into its search algorithm, improve visual search, and work on 3D search functionality.

Re-Thinking Your Customer Engagement Model with LAER

TSIA Sales

As the downturn of 2020 rages on, technology companies have to find a way to maintain and grow revenue without additional sales and marketing budgets. The only way to accomplish this cost-effectively is by growing your existing customers, while keeping the revenue you already have on the books

What is a sales pipeline and why should you care?


Almost every sales professional uses the phrase “sales pipeline” at least several times a week. But if you ask a room full of professionals to define “sales pipeline,” you’re likely to get a roomful of different answers. Sales Pipeline Management

Your Ultimate Guide to the Trends Shaping Marketing Data

In Salesforce’s latest Marketing Intelligence Report, hear from 2,500+ global marketers on how they are leading with their data, from business growth to customer satisfaction, data privacy, and more. Get the report now!

Honing Your Remote Selling Abilities

Engage Selling

Has your team started honing their remote selling abilities? That is, are you and your sales team prepared for the inevitable “virtualization” of sales that was already well underway prior to the pandemic?

Sell 133

How the Cootie Effect Can Reduce Virus Transmission


Reminding people of imaginary cooties can keep them from catching the real, life-threatening ones. The post How the Cootie Effect Can Reduce Virus Transmission appeared first on Neuromarketing. Neuromarketing contagion cootie effect cooties coronavirus


Salesreps Choose Power Words

Score More Sales

The words you choose as a seller have power - don't miss any apportunity gain a competitive edge. Choosing what you say or write can help close a deal, or lose one. Sales Tips Sales Productivity boost sales

If You’re Going to Do a SaaS Start-Up … You Have to Give it 24 Months


It took us 2 years just to figure out our ultimate business model. What you think you do on day 1 may look very different by day 365. link]. — Aaron Levie (@levie) September 11, 2020. It seems like everyone wants to be a SaaS founder these days.

The Essential Guide to the Buying Experience of the Future

The ultimate value proposition is an impactful buying experience that guides people to the best possible decision. But how do you prepare your sales teams to do that? Read "The Essential Guide to the Buying Experience of the Future" to find out how to empower your customer-facing teams and thrive in modern selling environments.

15 Things Salespeople Must Do to Make up for a Lackluster 2nd Quarter

Understanding the Sales Force

Last week we moved our son into his dorm to begin his freshman year of college. The college President's opening remarks were virtual, so we joined the Zoom stream from our hotel room and listened in.

The Best Online Sales Training Ever

A Sales Guy

It’s here, We just dropped Gap Selling Online Sales Training and it’s going to blow your mind. It’s 5 – 8 hours of engaging, customized, choose your own journey experience. We are extremely excited about this training. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

Sell More by Losing Faster

Cerebral Selling

In my last two VP of Sales roles, I found a surprising trend. There was a high degree of correlation between my team’s win rates and the amount of time spent in the discovery phase of the sales cycle.

Sell 130

Six Solutions Our Buyers Are Finding Additional Value in Right Now

Force Management

We spend a lot of time on our blog talking about challenges our customers face and possible solutions. We try to practice what we preach, making our blog content focused on our customer, and less about us.

Roadblocks to Delivering a Competitive Buying Experience

Why are buyer-facing teams struggling and what can be done about it? Bigtincan teamed up with Heinz Marketing in a recent research study to discover the roadblocks revenue-generating teams encounter in preparing buyer-facing teams for today’s market. Click here to learn what you can do today to prepare!

Nudge Marketing: From Theory to Practice


It’s summer in the UK. Two cigarette disposal bins are erected on a littered street. One bin is marked Ronaldo, the other, Messi. The bins encouraged smokers to vote for the best football player with their cigarette butts. After twelve weeks, cigarette litter dropped by 46%.

Retail 131

TSIA STAR Award Winners for Revenue Transformation and Optimization

TSIA Sales

For nearly a decade, TSIA has been helping our member companies optimize their go-to-market strategy and engagement models for growing recurring revenue.

The eight prospecting paradoxes that cause selling schizophrenia


As sales teams rapidly reinvent themselves, their skills, activities and the way they sell, the real transformation needed to achieve your goals starts with not just changing, but expanding your thinking. There’s always more than one perception. Sales Psychology