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You Already Know Your Client's Problems


Some salespeople argue that there is no way to know what problems, challenges, or obstacles a client might have before speaking to them. This misguided belief often comes from training, and it indicates the salesperson may be One-Down.

Why event technology is critical to marketing success


“The world has changed,” said Vanessa Lovatt, chief evangelist at Glisser, in her presentation at The MarTech Conference (scroll down to watch the video of their session).


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Old Is Not Always Bad – Love is the Killer App

Score More Sales

In the B2B sales world, we’re in, I hear a lot about how things have changed. Selling sales leadership sales strategy

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Bessemer: $1 Trillion in Cloud Market Cap Lost Year-to-Date


There are many ways to slice-and-dice public market data, but the headline one Bessemer called out is the most visceral I’ve seen: Public SaaS and Cloud companies lost $1 Trillion in market cap so far in 2022. And the number of public SaaS and Cloud decacorns has fallen from 50 to 17.


The State of XaaS Sales 2022

Technology as a service (XaaS), sold on a subscription basis, is becoming the industry’s dominant go-to-market model. Discover what impact this change has on sales, and gain insight into how to optimize your sales organization for selling XaaS.

The One-Up Mindset


While the One-Up approach to sales is more than just a state of mind, like all effective approaches, it starts with a mindset. The One-Up mindset embodies the values, duties, and obligations of the One-Up salesperson's responsibilities. Modern Sales Approach

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Why most managers should quit their job today


Here’s a painful paradox. Managers create the very problems they try to avoid. That’s why it’s time for you to quit your job. No, I’m not suggesting to hand in your resignation letter but to resign from your toxic role as Chief Problem Solver. Sales Coaching

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10 Tips to Help Manage the Burn


So for many of us in SaaS, these are still the best of times. The Cloud is bigger than ever, CIOs are buying more than ever, and SaaS is still on a roll. But public stock prices are way down, and venture capital is much tighter than it was just a few months ago.

The One-Up Discovery


The major difference between One-Up salespeople and those presently One-Down is that the One-Up person creates a tremendous value inside the sales conversation, while the One-Down salesperson's approach feels like a waste of time. Modern Discovery

Public wants to know where brands stand on issues, surveys show


As much as companies hate controversy, the public wants to know where they stand on today’s issues, according to two surveys. For marketers this is one more challenge when it comes to earning customers’ trust. Get the daily newsletter digital marketers rely on. Processing.Please wait.

Managers, Our People Are Our Customers

Partners in Excellence

What if we applied the principles of high impact, value creating selling to our work with our own people? What if we started applying the principles we leverage to create differential advantage, customer experience which drive retention, renewal, and growing our customers to our people.

Top SaaStr Content for the Week: Demandbase VP of Marketing, 1Password CEO, Atlassian COO, Intercom CEO, and More!


Each week, we round up our most popular content so you can catch up on anything you may have missed. Check out this week’s top blog posts, podcasts, and videos: Top Blog Posts This Week: One Simple Trick to Make Your SDRs Perform Better. Cloud Stocks May Be Down. But the Cloud Remains on Fire.

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One-Up Prospecting


The One-Down salesperson uses an approach that causes their prospective client to recognize they aren't someone with the knowledge or experience to be a valuable partner.

Webinar: Overcome third-party data challenges for CX success


A sublime customer experience allows customers to move from channel to channel without losing their place or the information they’ve entered.

When’s the Right Time to Start Hiring SDRs?

Predictable Revenue

One of the most common startup questions is when to begin hiring SDRs. The answer comes down to product market fit, and whether you’re in a product or sales motion. The post When’s the Right Time to Start Hiring SDRs? appeared first on Predictable Revenue.

Some SaaS Stocks Are Actually Still Doing Pretty Darn Well. E.g, Sprout Social, ZoomInfo, Zscaler, etc.


Sprout Social IPO’d in Dec 2019 at an $800m market cap. It IPO’d early, in a crowded space. But they kept on going, and gong, and growing. years later, in a market down 50% …. They’re worth $2.7 Billion #golong — Jason BeKind Lemkin #????????????

Leadership for Customer Success with Helen Fanucci

criteria for success

Happy Tuesday, Let's Talk Sales listeners! With the rise in COVID cases, we unfortunately had to take a brief hiatus due to scheduling difficulties. But we are delighted to be back with another fantastic guest! This week's show features Helen Fanucci.

The power and limitations of universal IDs


Something must replace the cookie. It’s due to disappear by the middle of next year. Marketers are checking out zero-party data, first-party data and cohort analysis. But don’t forget universal IDs.

Memorial Day: A Veteran’s Story of Remembrance and Military Transition to Corporate Life


Memorial Day is a holiday that we recognize in the United States that honors the sacrifice of military members who have lost their lives. In honor of this day, we spoke with one of our Veteran employees, Brittney Linville, Manager of Global Enterprise Procurement.

We All Made Some Bad Hires During The ‘20-‘21 Boom


The truth is, it’s not just VCs that lowered their standards in the boom of ‘20-‘21. So did startups. Many mediocre hires were made to fill slots, reference checks not made, etc. If there really is a slowdown (and I’m not sure will be in SaaS), folks will have to work harder.

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How to Think Like a Revenue Ecologist

Sales Hacker

Revenue leaders: Are you thinking like an ecologist? Quick refresher: an ecologist studies how wildlife interacts with their environment. powered by Sounder.

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Why we care about AR and VR: A guide for marketers


If there ever were a golden word in marketing, it’d be evolution. As consumers access more advanced technology, old marketing strategies fail to impress them. This is why modern marketers need to adapt to the constantly changing media and technology landscape to appeal to customers.

4 Ways Sales Leaders Can Help Their Teams Win More Deals with Less Effort Using Outreach


Every sales team is trying to meet and exceed their revenue goals. That’s a given.

Reminder: All SaaStr Europa Attendees Must Still Be Boosted or Have A Recovery Certificate


Just a note to the 2,500+ coming to SaaStr Europa on June 7-8 in Barcelona: our health & safety rules have not changed — even with the new, more permissive changes to travel to Europe this week. We understand many events in Europe (and to a lesser extent, the U.S.)

Espionage Tactics That Help You Sell with Jeremy Hurewitz

Sales Hacker

In this episode, we’ve got Jeremy Hurewitz with us. Jeremy Hurewitz is the founder of Challenger Hill Consulting , where he is using his years of International experience to gain a new outlook on leveraging clients.

Pega addresses accelerating business complexity


As this year’s virtual edition of PegaWorld iNspire kicks off, the CRM and BPM platform released a report on challenges created by the “complex intersection of technology and the modern workforce” arising from digital transformation.

B2B Reads: Next-Level Leadership, Workplace Passion, and Improving Retention

Heinz Marketing

In addition to our Sunday App of the Week feature, we also summarize some of our favorite B2B sales & marketing posts from around the web each week. We’ll miss a ton of great stuff, so if you found something you think is worth sharing please add it to the comments below.

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#BelongAtGong: Our annual update on DEI and belonging

We are passionate about our mission to unlock reality to help people and companies reach their full potential. We are proud of the revenue intelligence category and The Reality Platform we’ve built. We love that we have raving fans. .

Episode 31: Just a Few Red Flags

Sales Hacker

??Want to write sales emails like a pro? Kristina and Will look at common email mistakes (using real examples) and rewrite them so that you can learn what to do differently. Join Kristina Finseth (Sr.

Marketing budgets climb in 2022


Marketing budgets are swelling in 2022, up from the previous year, when high hopes were dashed by a pandemic that wouldn’t quit. In 2021, marketing budgets claimed 6.4% of the average company’s total revenue. This year, it’s up to 9.5%, according to the Gartner 2022 CMO Spend and Strategy Survey.

The Prospecting Call(s)

Partners in Excellence

The phone rang, I absently picked it up, thinking it was another call that was scheduled about 10 minutes later.

Lisa’s App of the Week – Kickoff

Heinz Marketing

By Lisa Heay , Director of Business Operations at Heinz Marketing. For this week’s App of the Week post, I want to highlight an app that has literally changed my life this year – Kickoff.

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Top 4 Free Video Making Software

Capterra Sales & Marketing Software

The post Top 4 Free Video Making Software appeared first on Capterra. Engage your audience with professional-looking videos with the help of video making software. Video content is a leading and vital part of marketing strategy these days.

Freeing agile marketing from its software development roots


“Agile marketing transformations are not going well,” admitted Stacey Ackerman, MarTech contributor and agile coach. “We needed something built by marketers, for marketers, in a language that makes sense to marketers.”