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Elements of Sales Territory Mapping


Territory mapping is an important component of sales performance management. The optimal sales territory mapping for your company and your goals may be terrible for another company.

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A Heretical View of Territory Management


There are several ways you might build and manage a territory as a sales manager or sales leader. You want to make certain that your sales team is pursuing the right prospective clients. With too little coverage, you may fail to capture the new client logos and opportunities.

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Sales Territory Planning: The Five Minute Territory Plan (& Template)


The Five Minute Sales Territory Plan Between sales kick-off season approaching and another year beginning, there’s a lot of talk about self-sourcing pipeline, prospecting strategies, and territory management planning. We believe there’s nothing better than old school, back to basics, sales territory analysis, planning and prospecting.

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4 Things You Can Do Now To Improve Your Territory Management


If creating a sales team is like building a car, then territory management is where the rubber meets the road. But not all territory management is created equal. But first, let’s get clear on what territory management means. Watch the demo What is territory management? Let’s take a look.

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Give Your Sales Territory Mapping the Direction It Needs

The value of sales territories isn’t lost on most sales leaders (and if it is, we’ll clarify that shortly). The problem is making your sales territory planning fair without swallowing up your time. . What is sales territory mapping, and why is it important? What is sales territory mapping, and why is it important?

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Geotargeting optimization: How region impacts your PPC results

Search Engine Land

Learn how analyzing paid search results by regions may unlock greater ROI. Geotargeting is a critical optimization tactic. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.

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Dear SaaStr: How Should You Set Up Territories For Your First Few Sales Reps?


Dear SaaStr: How Should You Set Up Territories For Your First Few Sales Reps? Some day, in the end, you are probably going to end up with territories, along with other types of segmentation (by vertical, by customer size — which you should do as early as practical, etc.). I.e., just route each new lead in order to the next rep.