Why Start-Ups Should Nail Down Their Marketing Before Building a Sales Team

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The post Why Start-Ups Should Nail Down Their Marketing Before Building a Sales Team appeared first on Predictable Revenue. Should marketing come before outbound sales? Here are 5 reasons why startups should nail down their marketing foundations before building a sales team.

Mastering Founder-Sales: 10 Lessons from 150+ Early-Stage Start-Ups

Sales Hacker

Let’s start with a definition. Having been a founder myself and also having worked with more than 150 early-stage technical founders, I want to share with you the five things to master and the five things to avoid when starting to sell. . Following up.


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SaaS Start-Ups: Buck Up – It Really Does Get Easier. Or At Least — You Get Better.


But one of my top learnings from to all the other SaaS start-ups out there: for the founders — it gets easier. And this also starts to become a moat vs. other smaller entrants. The post SaaS Start-Ups: Buck Up – It Really Does Get Easier.

Good morning: Should start-ups worry about hyping their products?


If you would like to read this before the rest of the internet does, sign up here to get it delivered to your inbox daily. Good morning, Marketers, should tech start-ups be worried? Stop talking up your product and exaggerating its merits. ”In

The Things You Have to Get Right When You Start a Start-Up


Everyone today wants to start a SaaS startup. But many founders at very successful start-ups are smart and driven, but no Elon Musk. So many apps start as hacks. Many folks start something without a truly Minimum Viable Team.

Quality of Life: What Does It Mean For A Start-Up?


Start-ups are so, so hard. And then drag it right up that hill to $10m ARR. You really can’t know how hard it is, even if you were a VP at a great start-up, even if you were the first employee, even. The post Quality of Life: What Does It Mean For A Start-Up?

Why You’ll Want to Raise $100,000,000+ for Your SaaS Start-Up: The Incremental Customer


You’re going to end up with an Organic Growth Rate. And that’s where it starts to get really expensive. But if you could get that up to say 70%, you might trade as much as 10x if you are in a hot space. Up to 80% or 100%, maybe even much higher.

If You’re Going to Do a SaaS Start-Up … You Have to Give it 24 Months


Start their own SaaS company. There are three things I ask folks who want to start their own SaaS company: 1. Not for high-growth start-ups at least. They have no back-up plans. I did, in both my start-ups. Are you up for that?

Top 5 Pieces of Advice for First-Time Founders (Or Anyone Starting Up, Really)


It likely will take you 24 months to get any real revenue going in most tech start-ups at least. The post Top 5 Pieces of Advice for First-Time Founders (Or Anyone Starting Up, Really) appeared first on SaaStr.

‘Tech for Good’ offers a PR package to minority-led start-ups


Kite Hill has just launched a “Tech for Good” pitch-off, asking technology start-ups with diverse founders to apply for a three-month pro bono communications program. “It really depends on the stage of the start-up and the company overall.

Good Revenue And Bad Revenue—Start-Up Version

Partners in Excellence

I know it’s heresy, but not all revenue is good revenue—particularly for start-ups. In fact chasing and winning the wrong deals can be devastating to the long term success of a start-up. In start-ups, sometimes we are so compelled to get revenue, we book deals that completely derail us. ” But in start-up companies diverting the precious resources we have to fix the problem can derail us.

Why Do Big Companies Pay Big $$$ To Buy Start-Ups? To Catch Up


So they want to catch up, and oftentimes, fast. But they do want to catch up. IBM couldn’t catch up in the Cloud so it bought RedHat, the largest open-source player, RedHat, for $34B. You catch up. But most Big M&A is about catching up.

Eating My Own SaaStr Dogfood: Why I Invested in a Start-up With a Seeming 50+ Competitors


The post Eating My Own SaaStr Dogfood: Why I Invested in a Start-up With a Seeming 50+ Competitors appeared first on SaaStr. This was my first venture investment. Took 10 years to $1.5B exit by Vista. But could be worth $10B by year 15 #itcompounds pic.twitter.com/qElNH78hl8.

I’m Tired of Running My Successful Start-up After X Years. What Should I Do?


The Holidays are coming up, or likely depending on when you are reading this post, at least some holiday is coming up soon — and I hope you are taking a vacation. “I’m Tired of Running My Successful Start-up After X Years. The post I’m Tired of Running My Successful Start-up After X Years. Some founders just quit, Even once they have something. You can tell them You can help them You can hug them You can fund them.

Starting Up In A Downturn with Cloudflare COO and Co-Founder Michelle Zatelyn (Video + Transcript)


Michelle started the company during an economic downturn in 2009. And so we started to work on this in 2009. I do want to say that there are a lot of companies that actually started kind of with us, that class of companies and many of them have turned into big great companies today.

If You Don’t Have a Truly Great Founding Team, Just Take a Pause. Don’t Start Your Start-Up Yet.


Over the past years writing SaaStr, I’ve met with friends/colleagues/partners/ex-customers who are total rockstars and working on starting a company. (Yes, Yes, I know statistically, the odds are horribly against you when you do a start-up.

What are some of the best founder exits from a start-up?


start-ups pre-IPO: WhatsApp Founders, $5.5b (+-) each (2 founders). The post What are some of the best founder exits from a start-up? Probably deals where the founders made > $1b each. The data here isn’t my strength, but let’s make a partial list for U.S. It’s likely they made more with FB stock appreciation. Qualtrics Founders, $1b+ each (3 founders). Sale to SAP. Pretty good for SaaS. GitHub Founders, $1b+ each. Sale to MSFT.

Sales Pipeline Radio, Episode 251: Q & A with Shawn LaVana @shawnlavana

Heinz Marketing

So my background real quick, I’ve been a startup marketer for basically, the entirety of my career, so growing companies from about 10 million to a hundred million in that scale up phase. They want to be able to showcase their skills, and when those situations come up.

Sales Pipeline Radio, Episode 321: Q & A with Omi Bell @iamshellybell

Heinz Marketing

This week’s show is entitled, “Closing the Funding Gap for Woman and Minority-Owned Start-Ups” and my guest is Omi Bell , Founder & CEO of Black Girl Ventures. Keep reading to learn about: The venture capital funding gap for woman and minority-owned start-ups.

Why Tiny Start-Ups Can Still Beat The Big Guys. Hint: It’s Not Because Your Team Is Smarter or Better.


So many things start off too small to matter. Many SaaS companies themselves are coming up on $1b in ARR. What your little start-up is pursuing probably isn’t material to them, yet. The post Why Tiny Start-Ups Can Still Beat The Big Guys. The main advantage is you can pursue a market or opportunity that is not worth their time. Big, established tech companies aren’t stupid, or ignorant. Not at all.

10 Reasons We Are Seeing More Unicorn Companies Than Ever Before


In the 2000s, companies started building their own data centers. It’s never been easier for customers to set up new products — meaning they’re more likely to switch if a product comes with poor customer service. Company Revenue Intelligence SaaS Start Ups Unicorns

What is an equitable way to compensate someone who brings an investor to your start up company?


The post What is an equitable way to compensate someone who brings an investor to your start up company? If someone wants to be paid to help you fundraise, pass. VCs will smell it and it will be a negative. But … I think if: someone respected by VCs connects you to a top investor that funds you … because they believe in you, especially if (x) they give you your lead investor, and.

Sales Pipeline Radio, Episode 250: Q & A with Christel Grizaut Billault @ChristelGrizaut

Heinz Marketing

Join us as Christel shares some best practices on how she prioritizes all the different marketing requirements in an early stage company as well as how she is setting up the marketing organization and priorities internally. Christel: Yes, Yoobic can be described as a scale up company.

Foundry Group’s Seth Levine Talks Sales for Startups

A Sales Guy

If you’re a start-up or thinking about starting a new gig, you want to listen to Seth. Sign up for episode 14 of the Word next Thursday at 11:00! sales for startups Seth Levine start up sales The Word venture capital and sales venture capital for startupsSeth Levine, Managing Director at Foundry Group is our next guest on The Word. Seth is a friend and a super smart guy. I’m excited to have him on the show. If you didn’t know.

Start-Ups VS Enterprise: Which Sales Team Should You Work for? (Infographic)

Sales Hacker

Should you take the risk of applying to a fast-growing startup, or slowly work your way up at a more established enterprise company? Start-Ups VS Enterprise. Perhaps the most obvious difference is that start-ups and SMBs tend to be less structured than enterprise.

B2B Reads: Grit, Transparency, and Adaptive Selling

Heinz Marketing

Are You Suited for a Start-Up? A great look at the ups and downs of working at a start-up. B2B Reads Sales art of silence buyer's journey grit Introverts networking Sales enablement selling start-up transparency TrustIn addition to our Sunday App of the Week feature, we also summarize some of our favorite B2B sales & marketing posts from around the Web each week.

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Skill Up, Start Up & Scale Up: 5 Online Talks on Career-Building for Marketing & Sales Professionals [Video Series]


Training and skilling up in a fast-moving world. Click here to sign up. “Always be learning.". It's a simple yet powerful statement for anyone in today's workforce. Think about it: When you were 22, did you imagine that you'd be where you are today? What experiences have you had? What have you learned? And what do you still want to learn?

Free eBook: Building the Marketing Plan: A Blueprint for Start-ups


Download his free eBook: Building a Marketing Plan: A Blueprint for Start-ups. I talk to a lot of start-ups about their marketing and sales operations. So I’ve put together an e-Book that would hopefully help construct a start-up’s marketing plan. I’ve surely missed a bunch of stuff – so would love to hear what are your thoughts and best practices on putting together a marketing plan for a start-up.

Dear SaaStr: When Should You Sell Your Startup?


Having been through the acquisition process 4x — twice as a founder, twice as a start-up exec, here’s my list of when and if to sell. So just to spur some thinking, my list of When A Start-Up Should Get Acquired: 1. Bad teams kill start-ups.

Sell 103

Dear SaaStr: What Should I Do after a Failed Startup? Get a Job or Try Again?


And if you do — the key is, just consider that one-year start-up an experience. I don’t want to hear 20 minutes about your failed start-up. You started a start-up, but you didn’t build a >business< Don’t act like you did.

Dear SaaStr: What Do the Best Entrepreneurs Do That The Others Don’t?


Almost every start-up needs a great team to start, and to scale. Signs up for up to 2 Years Just to Get it Off the Ground, 7–10 to Scale. Most SaaS start-ups have almost no revenue for 2+ years!

Dear SaaStr: What Role Do Founders Play Once They Hire an Outside CEO?


” My learnings and experiences are this: if you want your start-up to really make it … then you will be just as much on the hook as ever. There’s a reason most start-ups don’t get this far.

Dear SaaStr: What Separates a Good Startup Founder From a Great One?


Most of us eventually sort of give up, and settle on key hires, or just keep doing a specific role ourselves. And there is always a hotter, better funded start-up than yours. They find a way to attract better and better talent to their brand-less start-up, somehow.

The Monday Morning Breakfast For Champions Podcast – Episode 41 – Frank Cespedes

Tibor Shanto

He has also written more than 50 case studies about companies and numerous technical notes on various business topics, including strategy development and implementation, sales and marketing, leadership, pricing, and start-up issues. Subscribe today , and take the Breakfast on the go!

Dear SaaStr: If We Hire a CEO for My StartUp, How Much Equity Do They Get?


There’s no magical answer, but for venture-backed start-ups, for years VCs have aligned on around 6%-8% equity for a non-founder / outside CEO. It’s more a function of how much dilution a start-up takes, and that can vary wildly based on # rounds, valuation, etc.

Why startups should invest in CRM?


You are a budding entrepreneur and your start-up is just gearing up to take on the market. How does a CRM help you grow your start-up? . CRM lets start-ups like yours stay organized and get more customers in order to grow your business with time.

CRM 94

Dear SaaStr: My Co-Founder Takes All The Public Credit. Should I be OK With This?


Let’s step back: You shouldn’t be doing a start-up for the glory of yourself. You should do a start-up for (x) the glory of building something epic, and (y) if you do that — you probably will make a ton of money.

Maybe Slow Down the Most Critical Hires. When You’re Not Sure.


In my first start-up, I found the Dream COO. And he had enough of a chip on his shoulder to still do a start-up and change the industry. But it was a start-up, so we took the risk. In my second start-up, I found the Dream Co-Founder.

9 Reasons Good Salespeople Fail


Larger, fast-growing start-ups often become excellent at it. Small start-ups are almost always terrible at it. I’ve seen sales reps great at $20k deals join a start-up with tons of leads but at a $2k price point and fail.

Niche 109

Dear SaaStr: If So Many Startups Fail, Why Does Everyone Want to Do Them?


Q: If 90% of start-ups fail, then why does everyone want to make a start-up instead of a simple business?