The New Sales Meeting Agenda


In the past, the salesperson would call their prospective client and ask for a meeting. The value proposition for the meeting would be "to share a little about us, how we are helping companies like yours, and learn about you and your company."

How Your First Meeting Repels Your Prospective Client


The Gist: The way to a second meeting is a valuable first meeting. A lot of legacy practices prevent second meetings. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, which means you have a lot riding on your meeting with a new client.


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Want Productive Sales Meetings? Set Expectations

criteria for success

As a sales leader, you’ve had your fair share of sales meetings. Think of how much easier sales meetings would be if all parties involved knew exactly what everyone was expecting to gain from them. But how do you set expectations for sales meetings?

Create Winning Conditions for Video Meetings

Engage Selling

Recently, I explained that video is the new default in how we connect and do business with others now. It’s been a huge, rapid shift.

Roadblocks to Delivering a Competitive Buying Experience

Why are buyer-facing teams struggling and what can be done about it? Bigtincan teamed up with Heinz Marketing in a recent research study to discover the roadblocks revenue-generating teams encounter in preparing buyer-facing teams for today’s market. Click here to learn what you can do today to prepare!

Don’t Let Head Trash Derail Your Sales Meeting

criteria for success

Let's say you're a super social salesperson who frequently meets people at networking events. If you listen to head trash that tells you to not come across too “salesy” – you'll be less inclined to follow-up and schedule prospecting meetings ! Use this to guide your meeting.

Sales Meeting: Effective Tips For Modern Sales Teams


You have attended many sales meetings in the past. You might have even had negative experiences where the meetings were uninteresting, long, and not at all motivating. Tips for running successful sales meetings. Every year, businesses waste $37 billion on ineffective meeting.

What Does Your Client Gain by Meeting with You?


I knew the salesperson would not have much to say when he started our call with, "how's it going," a dead giveaway that the conversation would be short. Sure enough, he followed up with "how's business?" then pivoted to "What is the biggest problem you have in your business right now?"

How to Get Meetings With Hard to Reach Prospects

Sales Gravy

On this episode of the Sales Gravy Podcast, Fanatical Prospecting author Jeb Blount and Stu discuss creative ways to get meetings with anyone. Get more meeting with effective Prospecting Sequences. Get more meeting with effective Prospecting Sequences.

Meet Your Prospects On the Right Plane

Tibor Shanto

They understand that they need to meet your prospects on the right plane, theirs. Successful sellers understand that to sell in today’s economy, we need to function and meet your prospects on the right plane, theirs. By Tibor Shanto.

The Essential Guide to the Buying Experience of the Future

The ultimate value proposition is an impactful buying experience that guides people to the best possible decision. But how do you prepare your sales teams to do that? Read "The Essential Guide to the Buying Experience of the Future" to find out how to empower your customer-facing teams and thrive in modern selling environments.

10 Must-Haves for an Impactful Virtual Meeting


Follow these 10 tips to ensure you can run your day to day meetings and keep your business “as usual”. . Simple as it sounds, a good virtual sales meeting starts with making sure you have all of the right equipment and software in place. Video is a must in virtual meetings.

A Guaranteed Method Of Getting Customer Meetings!

Partners in Excellence

“How do we get customers to respond, how do we get meetings with customers?” OK, here it is: We will be able to get the majority of customers to respond and meet with us, if we do this one thing: For every meeting we pay them $1000 for the meeting.

Meeting Complexity With Complexity

Partners in Excellence

Sometimes, they believe they must meet the customer’s complex situations with complex solutions. The post Meeting Complexity With Complexity first appeared on Partners in EXCELLENCE Blog -- Making A Difference.

How to Prepare for Your First Remote Prospect Meeting | Sales Strategies

Engage Selling

In this week’s Sales Leader, I explore the importance of being aware and prepared for sales calls.

Essential Guide to Sales Engagement – Overcome the Challenges of Remote Selling

Sales Engagement leverages process, tools, and training to align your efforts to your buyer’s journey and exceed their expectations. See how to equip sellers to effectively prospect, create meaningful connections and manage a sales cycle from beginning to closed-won! Download the guide today!

6 Sales Training Ideas for Your Next Team Meeting

criteria for success

Looking for sales training ideas to implement during your next team meeting? 6 Sales Training Ideas for Your Next Team Meeting. One of the best ways to provide sales training on an ongoing basis is in your regularly scheduled sales team meetings!

Meet Our Team

KO Advantage Group

“ I am the second born of four in my family and currently studying Accounting at The University of Calgary. I moved to Canada 5 years ago. My favourite weather is Summer where I am able to go to Canmore, Jasper and Banff and enjoy the weather. I discovered my love for hiking when I moved to Canada.

Unmotivated Sales Team? 3 Sales Meeting Ideas to Inspire & Motivate

criteria for success

Are you struggling to find sales meeting ideas that will inspire and motivate your team to get moving and just sell already? We believe that your sales team meetings are the perfect place to take a few moments to focus on empowering your team.

Call For Meeting

KO Advantage Group

You’re calling with the goal of setting up a meeting where you can properly discuss how you can help them with their business. We like to keep it simple: ask the single question that will get you the meeting: “Can we sit this down over coffee next Thursday?”. You’ll have a lot more time to discuss how many businesses you’ve helped grow when you finally meet. Cold calling doesn’t have to be so complicated. Pick up the phone, dial the number, and start the conversation!

Intent Signal Data 101

Intent signal data helps B2B marketers engage with buyers sooner in the sales cycle. But there are many confusing terms used to describe intent data. Read this infographic to better understand three common areas of confusion.

Meet Our Team

KO Advantage Group

Stay tuned to meet the rest of the team! "I I am a family first person who has been blessed with 2 kids and 4 grandkids. Some of my best memories include many family trips with Puerto Vallarta being our favourite spot.

4 Rules to Help Salespeople Maximize Initial Prospect Meetings

Anthony Cole Training

Initial Sales Call sales techniques asking sales questions initial sales meetingHow important is it that you or your sales team close more business, more quickly at higher margins?

Convert Consistently with Customs and Connections: Meet the Achieving Tribe


Meet the Achiever Buying Tribe: How soon? Let’s meet the Achiever! The post Convert Consistently with Customs and Connections: Meet the Achieving Tribe appeared first on Sales Pro Insider. What’s the net or result of this?

Tips for a Hybrid Video/In-Person Meeting | Sales Strategies

Engage Selling

How do you sell in a hybrid selling environment? Since many of you are in sales teams, your teammates could be from either your company, partner company, or supplier company.

5 Reasons to Actually Have Board Meetings


I held off for 6+ years and 3000+ Quora answers on writing a post on Board Meetings. Because every investor in the world writes lengthy posts on How to Have a Great Board Meeting. How to Have a Great Pre-Board Meeting. How to Have a Great Board Meeting Week.

Meet the SaaStr Europa 2022 Speakers!


The post Meet the SaaStr Europa 2022 Speakers! We’re ONE MONTH away from 2022 SaaStr Europa in Barcelona — join us there at the beach with 2,500 of your SaaS BFFs on June 7-8! Take a look at our amazing lineup of speakers: Matthew Jacobson, Partner @ Iconiq Capital. Andrey Khusid, CEO @ Miro.

Convert Consistently with Customs and Connections: Meet the Expresser Tribe


The post Convert Consistently with Customs and Connections: Meet the Expresser Tribe appeared first on Sales Pro Insider. As you guide sales conversations with prospects, your job is to help them work through their decision-making process.

Meet Our Team

KO Advantage Group

Meet Neezay Abu , Executive Assistant and Accounting Director. “ Meet Kaitlyn Pipe , Knockout Experience Director. "I’m Meet Dale Norlin, Director of Business Development. "I Meet Brianna Tipping , Social Media Coordinator. "I Meet Kim Orlesky , President & CEO. "I

Meet the 2022 Salesforce MVPs


Meet our 2022 Salesforce MVPs! Meet our 2022 Salesforce MVPs! Connect with the Trailblazer Community Be on the lookout for Salesforce MVPs in Trailblazer Community Groups and Community Conferences —they’re eager to meet you and ready to offer their expertise! MEET THEM.

Are We Accomplishing Enough In Customer Meetings?

Partners in Excellence

Are we maximizing our contribution to the customer in those ‘meetings?’ But these aren’t the only things that impact our and the customer productivity, there are other things that impact what we accomplish in these meetings.

Dear SaaStr: How Many Investor Updates and Meetings Do I Owe My Investors?


We are also doing weekly meetings, are they asking for too much of my time? Some rough rules: For every 1% of a company an investor owns, they get one meeting / Zoom a year until you are at scale. This includes both board meetings and informal coffee meetings.

Convert Consistently with Customs and Connections: Meet the Reflecting Tribe


The post Convert Consistently with Customs and Connections: Meet the Reflecting Tribe appeared first on Sales Pro Insider. Have you met with prospects who had very specific questions about the what , how , and when of working together?

Invite More Investors to Your Board Meetings, Not Less


Now that board meetings are on Zoom, There’s something to be said for inviting every 5%+ shareholder to join, at least as informal observer, at least for a while. Invite more of your investors, not fewer, to your board meetings. And actually have those board meetings, more often.

The 4 Cold Call Scripts That Actually Book Meetings

Predictable Revenue

The post The 4 Cold Call Scripts That Actually Book Meetings appeared first on Predictable Revenue. Cold calling scripts approved by the most successful and reputable B2B sales leaders and practitioners in the sales development industry.

What 95% Of Meetings Miss

Partners in Excellence

I spend much of my time in meetings with clients and their customers. Since the pandemic, it seems I have more meetings on my calendar, starting early in the morning running into the afternoon. Two, I prepare for each meeting and expect everyone to be as prepared as I am.

5 Things to Cover In Your Weekly One-On-One Meetings with Salespeople

Sandler Training

That said, there are some important topics for sales leaders to cover during each weekly one-on-one meeting with any salesperson. The post 5 Things to Cover In Your Weekly One-On-One Meetings with Salespeople appeared first on Sandler Training.

How To Plan A Productive & Effective Meetings

KO Advantage Group

When you agree for a meeting, do you already have an idea what it will be about? When you set a meeting or agree to meet with someone, there should be an “ intention, ” a purpose. Because if you have an agenda in mind on what you will discuss in the meeting, you’ll end up with a meaningful conversation; a productive encounter. Going into a meeting blindfolded will lead you roaming around aimlessly. The next time you get invited to meet, ask what it’s for.

How Brands Creatively Hosted Virtual Offsite Meetings


But, a virtual offsite meeting? What made this different than attending an 8-hour Zoom meeting? Well, first, the company sent VR headsets to their team to allow employees to feel like they were leaving their homes for a large company meeting they used to travel for. Meetings

B2B Reads: Blaming Zoom, Acquisition Attribution, and Meetings

Heinz Marketing

How to run an effective virtual meeting: Stop blaming Zoom! Time spent in meetings has only grown during the pandemic, but virtual meeting platforms have gotten old quick. Here are some ways to keep an effective virtual meeting. What 95% Of Meetings Miss.