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Structured for Success: Sales Meetings That Boost Accountability


Even though you have a CRM that reports each member’s activity and outcomes, you are better off with each person directly reporting how they did in the last week. Your meetings should boost accountability, while also helping salespeople see what is possible and what it takes.

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Pipeliner CRM Integration

Sales Pop!

Since we often get questions about how Pipeliner integrates with other applications in a company, we will answer the most frequently asked questions about CRM and integration in this series of articles. Therefore, if a company wants to connect Pipeliner CRM to a complex solution, an iPaaS solution may only be able to meet some of their needs.

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5 Things Your Financial Services CRM Needs to Have


Rated as a leader by The Forrester Wave Report™: Financial Services CRM , Salesforce knows service — of any kind. Financial services CRMs are changing and so are the needs of customers. We weed through the noise to bring you exactly what features you need in a financial services CRM. Get the report 2.

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20 Key Reasons Why Salesforce is the Best CRM for Field Sales


Salesforce is the leading CRM platform in the market, and it has proven to be the best choice for companies that deploy field sales teams. In fact, according to Salesforce’s most recent State of Sales report, 87% of field sales reps believe their organization takes full advantage of their CRM ( more than inside reps ).

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8 Reasons CRM Implementations Are Never Really Finished

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The next in our series on CRM adoption takes up an important topic: the 8 reasons CRM implementations are never actually completed. Lack of Clear Processes When a CRM adoption is not completed in a company, it’s easy to blame one particular individual or group. CRM, even in such a circumstance, must remain the top priority.

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Here’s HOW a CRM Will Increase Your Sales! (No Stats)

Adaptive Business Services

I prefer to focus on results so we are going to ignore all of the statistics that tout the promised benefits of CRM. Part of it is that a CRM is viewed as data entry. Another aspect is that most often using a CRM is something that has been requested (dictated) by their company or sales manager. I represent Nimble CRM.

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Generative CRM — Here’s What It’ll Mean For Your Business


Now imagine your customer relationship management (CRM) platform doing all this in seconds, so you can fine-tune that email and send it sooner. This is the promise of generative CRM, which will combine the power of generative artificial intelligence (AI) with your customer data to make your teams more productive.

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