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SaaS Capital: Across 1,500 SaaS Startups, Yearly Contracts Don’t Actually Increase NRR


Annual Contracts Didn’t Boost NRR, And Even Multi-Year Contracts Only Had a Modest Impact on NRR. We tend to intuitively think annual contracts help combat churn, but they really don’t — they just defer it. You can download it here. And as time goes on, that doesn’t really help you much.

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Accelerate Time to Revenue with AI Contract Management: The Ultimate Guide for Ops

Sales Hacker

Operation pros—don’t miss this conversation on getting the most out AI in contract management. Identifying opportunities and risks (enabling teams to improve contract terms and conditions to negotiate better deals) Enhancing visibility into contracts— informing decisions, optimizing performance, and improving customer experience.


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What Is Contract Negotiation?


A sales contract defines a relationship between two parties. A lot of time and effort is spent creating them, and this happens through a process called contract negotiation. Sales contracts are legally binding, so negotiation is often necessary to ensure everyone will get their needs met. Contract Negotiation Examples.

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Buy Out Contracts: At Least Think About Making Them Part of Your Sales Toolkit


To buy potential customers out from long-term contracts they’ve already signed and paid for with the competition. It’s that simple: A customer 6 months into a 12-month contract? Buy-out contracts. I get that most sales teams aren’t structured to really put in the work here, to steal a customer. What did it do?

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6 martech contract gotchas to be aware of


Contracts are complex for a reason. I’ve seen and heard of my share of contract gotchas. When you decide to churn from the vendor, does your contract allow you to keep and use the data you’ve pulled into your CRM or other systems after the relationship ends? Don’t let contract gotchas catch you off-guard.

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Dear SaaStr: What Are The Typical Components of CEO Compensation? How are CEO Contracts Typically Structured?


How are CEO contracts typically structured? How are CEO Contracts Typically Structured? Dear SaaStr: What are the typical components of a CEO’s compensation? I’ll answer this from a start-up perspective, and assume you mean bringing in an outside CEO to run your start-up. appeared first on SaaStr.

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Smart Contracts Can Help You Win Web3 – Here’s How They Work


Introducing smart contracts. The technology behind all this is called a “smart contract,” which enables a transaction or agreement between two parties to be carried out without the need for a central authority, legal system, or external enforcement mechanism. But a vending machine and a smart contract are not the same.