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How to use ChatGPT to boost your PPC efforts

Search Engine Land

There are many keyword research tools out there, both paid and free, but ChatGPT can bring a new angle to keyword research. The goal is to use the tool to help you think of new angles. Considering a new angle to take when creating different landing page copy for A/B testing.

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How to Delete Duplicate Photos in Camera Roll?

The Digital Technology

We capture a lot of memories on the go and in the lure of perfection, we capture multiple photos from the same angle. This process leads to accumulating duplicate photos and you run out of space soon. Taking a backup … How to Delete Duplicate Photos in Camera Roll? Read More »

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This U.S. Paralympian Built a Prosthetics Business – Now His Competitors Are Customers, Too


The most important data-gathering tool he uses are video cameras that record movements from different angles and observe what’s happening with the components while engaged in different activities. This helped us read angles, speed shaft movements, and impacts like G-forces,” Schultz said.

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13 Door-to-Door Sales Tips for New Salesmen


Angle Your Body You need to make every conversation count, and there are some things that you can do to help that are more subtle. Turning to the side so you’re at a 90-degree angle to them indicates that you’re ignoring them. This will ultimately result in more sales overall, and will help keep your morale up.

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Thought leadership: The human element your marketing needs


AI is everywhere, filling the web with content that often lacks the depth, nuance or forward-looking angle of expert insight. While tools like ChatGPT can supplement expertise with efficiency and creativity, more than ever, buyers need perspective that comes from years of experience and deep industry knowledge.

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7 Content Angles to Unhitch You From a Blogging Rut


Because as it turns out, it's tricky to translate a raw idea into an angle for a blog post that will get people reading. Your computer, whiteboard, and notepad are probably chock-full of ideas for things to write about. So with all that great fodder, why are you still stuck in topic limbo?

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How to incorporate macroeconomic signals into your SEO strategy

Search Engine Land

Maybe SEO is not the first initiative anyone thinks of when strategizing how to incorporate macroeconomic angles inxto their marketing campaigns, but you’re missing the boat if you don’t. If the last 12 months or so have taught me anything, it’s that macroeconomic trends significantly impact how users engage with online content.