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This U.S. Paralympian Built a Prosthetics Business – Now His Competitors Are Customers, Too


The most important data-gathering tool he uses are video cameras that record movements from different angles and observe what’s happening with the components while engaged in different activities. This helped us read angles, speed shaft movements, and impacts like G-forces,” Schultz said.

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7 Content Angles to Unhitch You From a Blogging Rut


Because as it turns out, it's tricky to translate a raw idea into an angle for a blog post that will get people reading. Your computer, whiteboard, and notepad are probably chock-full of ideas for things to write about. So with all that great fodder, why are you still stuck in topic limbo?

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5 Tips To Build A High Converting Landing Page For Your Ads


What is the high-level angle of that ad? I also changed some of the messaging and angle…. And start thinking about the experience you intend to create for people. Where are they coming from? What type of ad is going to drive them to click? How will the landing page carry them forward to conversion (or to another stage of your funnel)?

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Toyota launches AR experience to support 2023 Crown


Car shoppers get value from the AR experience by being able to closely see the car from all angles in a way you can’t on a website. “The Yahoo AR partnership helps drivers discover the Toyota Crown in a meaningful and interactive way,” White added.

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SaaStr Podcast 449: How Notion is Winning at Enterprise SaaS by Building Community


Osunsade adds, “When you have a B2C angle, you’re actually getting a lot of those B2B leads from your happy B2C customers.”. But in order for us to pull off this motion, we have to have a strong consumer brand, not just a business brand.” Part of this means investing in fun and approachable marketing, like social media and group forums. .

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Cutting Through the Clutter: Is This the Time for B2B Influencer Marketing to Shine?

Heinz Marketing

Understand where their expertise lies, the type of followers they have and how their unique angle can help your brand. As you get to know your influencers, collaborate on different topics and angles that make sense for both parties. This is not the place to get lazy. Really get to know your influencers. Integrate into every campaign.

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Change Management: Talk to the People Who Do The Work

Heinz Marketing

There are plenty of angles to go here, but these are three of the most important: Team size. Finally, employee-support groups provide an interesting angle for gathering IC feedback at the implementation-stage of a change. In fact, the first tip is to think through your specific situation. Smaller teams are scrappier and more agile.

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