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Updates finalized for IAB intrinsic in-game ad measurement guidelines


IAB announced the finalization of Intrinsic In-Game Advertising Measurement Guidelines 2.0 , a joint effort between the IAB Experience Center, the IAB Tech Lab and the Media Ratings Council. Intrinsic in-game ads. The post Updates finalized for IAB intrinsic in-game ad measurement guidelines appeared first on MarTech.

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Survey finds gamers prefer native ads


Native, or intrinsic, game ads are the top format to drive gamers to action, according to a new Frameplay survey of over 1,200 gamers. Frameplay is an intrinsic ads platform, but the worldwide growth of gaming and in-game ads is real. Intrinsic in-game ads were less frequent, with only 22.8% Why we care. Preference.

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Beyond Experience and Education


Instead, it's a unique blend of intrinsic traits that often fly under the radar during the hiring process. What separates a good salesperson from a true sales superstar? The answer might surprise you. It's not always the years of experience or the prestigious degrees that predict success.

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How to Become a Must-Have Solution for Customers in Any Economy

Force Management

Leaders can support their sales teams by providing them with a repeatable value-based framework for sales messaging and elite customer care that will intrinsically link their solution to the customer’s success. More sales organizations are competing for less budget, creating a challenging market for sellers.

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Google Ads lets you create campaigns using conversational AI

Search Engine Land

Advertisers across the board should be celebrating this news due to the intrinsically cooperative experience it brings to the campaign creation process. Users can also prompt Google Ads AI for more specific detail on those assets. For example, a prompt for a beauty brand could include asking for anti-aging copy: Why we care.

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How GenAI is Powering App Security with Cisco’s CPO of Panoptica Alex Jauch


Make AI Intrinsic to the Way the Product Works GenAI is great at some things, things it can detect and work on, nonlinear problems that are traditionally very difficult for software to go after. The way your product will grow will be different because the platform allows you to do things you couldn’t do before.

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Ten Sales Kickoff (SKO) Insights You Can’t Afford to Miss

Sales Hacker

It tends to be intrinsic. Instead of relying solely on external rewards or incentives, focus on inspiring your sales team to tap into their own intrinsic motivation for greatness. Sure, inspiration is a must. But true motivation?