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Five Powerful Sales Negotiation Tactics


There are a lot of books and programs about negotiating, and you can learn something useful from any of them, but many of the strategies and tactics are not designed for sales negotiations. Most of the time, our sales negotiations center on the price of what we sell, with occasional negotiations around indemnifications.

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How Strong are Your People at Sales Negotiation?

Anthony Cole Training

Negotiate by definition is to deal or bargain with others in preparation of a contract or business deal. As a verb, negotiate means to move through in a satisfactory manner. Oftentimes, sales negotiation tactics seem to be related to price – giving or getting the best rate or fees for a product or service.

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Concessions vs. Negotiations: Sales Credibility at Stake


Many sales organizations use a terrible approach to negotiation, one that harms salespeople and their companies. Concessions are at the heart of this approach because many salespeople mistake concessions for negotiation. But first, let’s look at sales definitions:

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Ineffective B2B Sales Training and the Folly of BATNA Negotiation Strategy


I learned negotiation at Harvard Business School. After reading assignments and lectures, we spent most of the time negotiating scenarios. A lot of the ideas in the class came from Getting to Yes , a book by Roger Fisher, William Ury, and Bruce Patton, which I had read before.

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How to Align Multiple Functions Around Your Sales Negotiation Strategy

Force Management

Many companies mistake sales negotiation as a function conducted exclusively by sellers. We consider negotiation a team effort. In a complex B2B sales environment, it is rare for an individual seller to negotiate an entire deal on his/her own without the support, guidance and active participation from the rest of the organization.

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7 Vital Sales Negotiation Skills Every Rep Needs


In 2010, I said that “ Negotiation is the art of the deal.” And it’s still true today.

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The art of martech vendor negotiations


Negotiating with martech vendors requires a strategic approach that goes beyond budget considerations. Dealing with martech vendors Martech vendor negotiations are never the same – even when dealing with a company you already do business with. That variability is what makes negotiations fun to many yet anxiety-producing for others.

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