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Five Powerful Sales Negotiation Tactics


There are a lot of books and programs about negotiating, and you can learn something useful from any of them, but many of the strategies and tactics are not designed for sales negotiations. Most of the time, our sales negotiations center on the price of what we sell, with occasional negotiations around indemnifications.

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Concessions vs. Negotiations: Sales Credibility at Stake


Many sales organizations use a terrible approach to negotiation, one that harms salespeople and their companies. Concessions are at the heart of this approach because many salespeople mistake concessions for negotiation. But first, let’s look at sales definitions:

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Ineffective B2B Sales Training and the Folly of BATNA Negotiation Strategy


I learned negotiation at Harvard Business School. After reading assignments and lectures, we spent most of the time negotiating scenarios. A lot of the ideas in the class came from Getting to Yes , a book by Roger Fisher, William Ury, and Bruce Patton, which I had read before.

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The Easiest Month-End Negotiation Tactic

Cerebral Selling

Unfortunately, when the deadline is near we don’t always have the ability to take our time with tactics like aiming highing and negotiating slowly. The post The Easiest Month-End Negotiation Tactic appeared first on Cerebral Selling. The reality is, it won’t be! Just ask if it’s a deal-breaker and see for yourself.

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Do You Conclude Negotiations Successfully?

Sales Pop!

Many people fear negotiations, while others get into heated arguments. For these reasons, it is vital to reexamine our behaviors and approaches when differing perspectives arise and reflect on whether our actions help us to conclude negotiations successfully. The post Do You Conclude Negotiations Successfully?

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7 Vital Sales Negotiation Skills Every Rep Needs


In 2010, I said that “ Negotiation is the art of the deal.” And it’s still true today.

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Preserve Margin with Budget-Conscious Buyers through Value Negotiation

Force Management

We’ve talked a lot in blogs and other content about the importance of negotiating early and often. Negotiation isn’t an event that happens with procurement at the end of a deal, but a process of establishing and validating the value of your solution throughout the life of a deal.

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