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Legal risks loom for Firefly users after Adobe’s AI image tool training exposed


To back up that claim, they provided enterprise users with full legal indemnification for any content created using it. This has created a big marketing problem for Adobe and potentially a big legal problem for Firefly’s users. Roetzer said the best remedy for this situation is a legal one. We don’t know.”

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AI in SEO: How to navigate legal challenges and ensure compliance

Search Engine Land

However, integrating AI into marketing strategies inevitably creates legal considerations and new regulations that agencies must carefully navigate. In this article, you’ll discover: How businesses and SEO and media agencies can minimize legal risks of implementing AI-enhanced strategies.

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The Ethical and Legal Considerations of Artificial Intelligence

David Meerman Scott

However, using AI to modify other people's work means ethical and legal issues around copyright and ownership. When the data is your own, such as your original writing, AI serves as a tool to modify what you’ve already done.

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How To Do Outbound Sales If You’re Legally Restricted

Predictable Revenue

Here are our top tips to help you navigate sales prospecting where mass outreach is legally restricted. The post How To Do Outbound Sales If You’re Legally Restricted appeared first on Predictable Revenue. Can outbound sales survive without cold calling?

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What You Legally Need to Know About the Leading AI Chatbot Tools


With the introduction of generative AI chatbots comes questions about the ethics and legalities of these tools. If you're anxious about introducing AI into your business, you're not alone. These chatbots create content based on prompts that users feed them. But who owns the output of that interaction?

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How to Align Sales & Legal to Close More Deals Faster with G2


For many organizations, friction can arise between the GTM engine and the legal team. Their mindset can devolve into thinking they would have an easier time achieving this goal if the legal team stopped interfering. On the other hand, the legal team may feel that the sales team is taking risks that put the company in jeopardy.

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Tap Mentors and Sponsors to Drive Legal Department Diversity

Smarter With Gartner

In a 2020 Gartner poll, more than a third of legal, compliance and privacy leaders (and their staff) indicated they want help implementing diversity and inclusion initiatives within the legal department. That plea comes amid widespread pledges but few results in the commitment to advance underrepresented groups in legal departments.

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