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How Your First Meeting Repels Your Prospective Client


The Gist: The way to a second meeting is a valuable first meeting. A lot of legacy practices prevent second meetings. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, which means you have a lot riding on your meeting with a new client. How to Avoid a Second Meeting. Low-Value Conversations.

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Freeing Up “Time To Sell,” A Quandary

Partners in Excellence

Since the earliest days of selling, our vision is to free up sellers time to sell! There are some necessary things–training and development to improve our ability to sell. Certain internal meetings to keep us up to date with strategies, priorities, and what’s happening with the company.

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Freeing Up Time To Sell!

Partners in Excellence

I’m, more frequently, involved in discussions around “time available for selling.” We may spend a lot of time, internally, configuring and making sure we can support what we are selling. As more people are involved in selling complex solutions, we spend more time coordinating and planning with them.

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Meeting And Call Planning, Getting The Most Out Of Each Meeting

Partners in Excellence

I’ve been revisiting a lot of selling basics. We take for granted that people, us, understand the basic of selling. That we stop our mindless, unconscious execution of selling tasks. Today’s topic is on Meeting Planning. Think of internal meetings, how many are worth your time? What is a meeting?

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How Citizens Bank transformed content to meet changing customer needs


Meeting customers where they are and supporting ‘feet on the street’ Lori Dillion serves as head of enterprise marketing at Citizens Bank, with 30 years of experience at the company. “Now, Citizens Bank teamed up with Derek Hough (of “Dancing with the Stars” fame) to create the #DitchYourWalletDuet challenge. million views. “We

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How Can Pipeline Meetings Be a Coaching Opportunity?


As a sales manager, I’m sure you have pipeline meetings often. But, do you ever ask yourself, “How can pipeline meetings be a coaching opportunity?” Let’s start with an analogy: You wouldn’t expect a rookie with no training to pick up a bat in a major league baseball game and knock it out of the park on his first try.

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Want Productive Sales Meetings? Set Expectations

criteria for success

As a sales leader, you’ve had your fair share of sales meetings. Think of how much easier sales meetings would be if all parties involved knew exactly what everyone was expecting to gain from them. But how do you set expectations for sales meetings? And why will it make your sales meetings more productive ? Download Now.

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