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Beyond the Pitch: Building Lasting Client Relationships with Pull Strategy in Sales


An example of a push strategy is when a person sends you an InMail with a pitch about their company and their solution, which is often followed by a link to schedule a meeting. The first, and the most dominant of the two strategies, is a push strategy.

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Why Your Pitch Fails


A long time ago, I formulated a rule for prospecting—the Trading Value Rule —that extends far beyond acquiring a meeting with your dream client. Those who do not trade value are doomed to failed pitches and results far below their potential. In fact, it applies to every commitment and every client conversation.

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5 Sales Pitch Examples (and How to Craft Your Own)


That begins with your sales pitch. What you’ll learn: What is a sales pitch? Why are sales pitches important? What are the core elements of a sales pitch? What are the types of sales pitches? What are the do’s and don’ts of sales pitches? How do you craft your own sales pitch?

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How Your First Meeting Repels Your Prospective Client


The Gist: The way to a second meeting is a valuable first meeting. A lot of legacy practices prevent second meetings. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, which means you have a lot riding on your meeting with a new client. How to Avoid a Second Meeting. Low-Value Conversations.

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Dear SaaStr: What Was Your Experience At Your First Big Enterprise Pitch?


Dear SaaStr: What Was Your Experience At Your First Big Enterprise Pitch? Mine was terrible : My more technical co-founder didn’t show up to the meeting. I had a deck to use, but it was more a VC-pitch type deck and not enough about the product. This was a Fortune 50 prospect and 20+ folks were in the room for the meeting.

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Pitching Sales – Presenting The Right Way

The 5% Institute

Pitching sales is a crucial part of the sales process , and one that you need to get right! Making a mistake while delivering sales pitches can mean the difference between closing the sale – and breaking rapport and starting all over again. Pitching Sales – Presenting The Right Way. The Old Method To Pitching Sales.

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The Ultimate Guide to Virtual B2B Pitch Meetings


Physical events and face-to-face meetings are still on hold in many places around the world and will be for an unspecified length of time. . However, if you want to meet your business goals, it’s essential to adjust and adapt to the new reality. Read on, and I’ll show you how to conduct the perfect virtual pitch meeting.

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