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Sales Proposal: Free 4-Step Checklist to Close Deals Fast

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A well-written sales proposal gives you a chance to show that you understand your prospect’s needs, that you have listened to them diligently, and that you’ll provide a compelling solution. Use this Checklist for Your New Product Launch Marketing Plan’s Sales Proposal. Here’s a 5 step checklist to write a winning proposal.

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The Start-to-Finish Guide to Writing a Social Media Proposal


Launching social media special offers. Let the client know the nature of the special offer you are planning to launch whether it's going to be a contest, special discount, giveaway or else. Let your client know when, where and what time the pre-approved posts will be going live on different social media platforms.

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8 best Proposify alternatives in 2021: compare pricing & features


In an ever-growing contract and proposal software market, and a future that’s more digitized than we could have ever anticipated it would be, new tools and solutions are getting launched almost every year. This proposal software makes things very easy to manage, as all you have to focus on is the content.

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