Sat.Apr 20, 2024

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Mastering Work Prioritization: Essential Strategies for Long-Term Success


Unlock your productivity potential by mastering the art of prioritizing work that delivers long-term value and immediate results.

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The State of Startup Marketing in 2024 with CMOs of HubSpot and Zapier


"We all need more hackers on our team. Marketing hackers, sales hackers, product hackers. We lost too much of that. People that want to do the work because they enjoy the work." @searchbrat @zapier @kippbodnar @HubSpot @jasonlk — SaaStr (@saastr) April 16, 2024 HubSpot and Zapier’s CMO had us on their “Marketing Against the Grain” pod / videocast.

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How to Manage Stress to Focus On Business Growth

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Being in business can make us feel like every day is a roller coaster. Worse, our most challenging tasks can trigger anxiety, especially when we believe we lack the natural talent or the necessary skills to address them. From there, negative comments may make you feel like it’s time to jump off or quit upon hearing from others, ‘It’s time to give up; you will never make it!

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