When Selling Cars, Know Your Customers or Lose Them


Uninspiring customer experiences are not only a business risk for dealerships and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) — they can actively push customers away. Vanessa was annoyed they didn’t realize she just bought the used car and was not the original owner.

In a Supply Chain Crisis, Selling Parts Online May Be Your Next Move


That’s where OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and aftermarket parts come in — and sales of these crucial components are big business now. OEM parts come from manufacturers that build primary machinery that such parts are needed for.


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9 call analytics platforms for marketing teams to consider


CallSource serves SMBs, enterprise brands, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and multilocation marketers in the automotive, professional services, home services, healthcare and franchise industries.

What Is Enterprise OEM Software Licensing?

Sales Hacker

Enterprise original equipment manufacturer (OEM) software is when one software company (the licensor) licenses its software to another software company (the licensee). Enterprise OEM software licensing is a multibillion-dollar segment of the software industry.

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