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3 Strategies for Follow-Up With Stalled Prospects


How can you follow-up and be there for them when they are ready to take the next step or talk again? With a follow-up system/campaign! Following are the best practices I’ve curated over the last decade. Best Practices for a Successful Prospect Follow-Up Campaign Do not “check in.”

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Automate your follow ups with Text (SMS) sequences


In this article, you will learn about creating your own sets of automated text messages with text (SMS) sequences and merge them with your email drip campaigns for successful follow ups. We already have shown how sequences can be used as drip campaigns for putting your email follow-ups on autopilot.

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6 steps to improve your Google Ads campaigns

Search Engine Land

Struggling to boost your Google Ads campaign performance? Ensure conversion setup is accurate When figuring out why a Google Ads campaign isn’t doing well, start by checking how conversions are set up. Clear and accurate conversion tracking is crucial for assessing your campaign’s effectiveness.

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How to keep your marketing automation campaigns from ruining your week


It allows companies to set up campaigns that run on their own without further human intervention. This particular example is about email, but you can apply the same principles to other campaigns. Include the logic of your personalization campaign in that document. Keep track of the volume of each of your campaigns.

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How to Improve Email Deliverability and Optimize Each Send

Understanding those factors, otherwise known as email deliverability, is critical to getting the most return on your campaign investments. But the “rules” around which factors land you in the spam folder aren’t always easy to keep up with. We’re here to help.

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Meta apologizes after ad error causes campaigns to overspend by ‘thousands’

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Meta issued an apology to advertisers following an Ads Delivery outage that resulted in campaigns overspending by “thousands.” Please repost or share this with your peers, and if you don’t already follow me or @MetaBizStatus (the automated account I set up that reports Meta outages), please do!”

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11 Lead Generation Campaign Examples That Work Very Well


The post 11 Lead Generation Campaign Examples That Work Very Well appeared first on ClickFunnels. And what better way to learn lead generation than by analyzing examples of past successful lead-gen campaigns? To be clear, we’re not running these webinars live every time someone signs up. That’s what we’ll do here! And lots more.

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6 Proven B2B Marketing Strategies and How to Use Them

What happens when strong partnerships, cross-channel strategies, and compelling content come together in a B2B marketing campaign? Get an in-depth look into six successful B2B marketing campaigns across a wide range of industries. How to make the most of every campaign. Happier customers. Higher revenue. A healthier bottom line.

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5 Inspiring B2B Marketing Campaigns to Take Yours to the Next Level

Get inspired with these five successful B2B marketing campaigns. Your next big B2B marketing idea starts here. Ready to generate more leads, interest, and revenue with your B2B marketing?

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Why B2B Contact and Account Data Management Is Critical to Your ROI

Given data’s direct impact on marketing campaigns, reporting, and sales follow-up, maintaining an accurate and consistent database is a top priority for B2B organizations. However, investing in new technology isn’t always easy, and commonly, it’s difficult to show the ROI of data quality efforts.