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A/B testing and SEO: How to navigate pitfalls and maximize results

Search Engine Land

A/B testing can be a great tool for enhancing website functionality, user experience and conversions. However, when done at an enterprise scale, A/B testing poses unique challenges that can inadvertently undermine a site’s SEO performance. This article examines the nuanced relationship between A/B testing and SEO.

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Is A/B testing dead?


“Today, A/B testing is thriving — it’s been a huge improvement from non-A/B testing,” said George Khachatryan, CEO of AI company OfferFit, in a recent webinar. “At At the same time, the people performing these tests every day recognize that’s it’s a lot more difficult than it may seem.”.


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8 winning SEO A/B tests that boost organic traffic by Digital Marketing Depot

Search Engine Land

This white paper from Search Pilot presents 8 real-world examples of SEO A/B tests that led to organic traffic increases between 3-29% for the companies that ran these tests.

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Maximize the Results of your Nurture Campaigns Through A/B Testing

Heinz Marketing

For many years, I worked in B2C marketing for large technology companies where A/B testing was an ongoing process with teams dedicated to testing and refining in all areas of marketing. For best practice on testing subject lines , EmailMonks does a great job explaining it.

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Does the Word 'Free' Affect Email Deliverability & Click-Through Rates? [A/B Test]


We tested it ourselves. Does my click-through rate improve if I use the word “free?”. That is to say, even if my deliverability suffers, does the higher click-through rate make up for the hit? Click-Through Rate Results. Okay, I guess that's three questions.

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5 A/B Tests You Should Be Running on Your Landing Page Opt-In Forms


Here are five A/B tests you should be running on your landing page opt-in forms to be sure that they’re optimized for conversions. A/B test #1: The placement of your form on your page. A/B Testing Takeaways. A/B test #2: Form label alignment. Just test. A/B testing takeaways.

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10 Ideas for A/B Testing Your Sales Emails 


So your sales tool has A/B testing for email. A/B testing effectively requires some knowledge of the process before it can be leveraged effectively. So what do you need to know before you start testing? So what do you need to know before you start testing? What are you testing? Reply Rate ?—?How