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6 Results-Driven Sales Scripts Used by Top Salespeople


If not, the problem may be in your phone game. In fact, 86% of prospects aren’t satisfied with their phone sales experiences. But a phone sales conversation—especially cold calling — is nothing to sneeze at. Is your close rate where you want it to be? I know firsthand just how challenging they can be.

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Sales Hacker Success Summit: Level Up Your Sales Game for 2020

Sales Hacker

How can you differentiate yourself from the competition, and set yourself up for a successful sales career that keeps getting better, and better? Break Through Mediocrity: Changing the Game for Long-Term Success. Dale Dupree – Founder, The Sales Rebellion. The Modern Sales Mindset and How It Impacts Results.

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3 Ways Automation Will Boost Your Sales Game


Automation and personalization are both key factors of a successful sales experience for your new customers. Today I’m going to talk to you about when and how to use automation to boost your sales game. As sales reps, we know that establishing a human connection is the critical for success.

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B2B Reads: ChatGPT for selling to the C-Suite, Pull Yourself Out of a Slump, Sell the Way the Prospect Buys and MORE

Heinz Marketing

12 Cold Email Templates for Sales Teams to Nail Outreach in 2023 (Updated) By Steli Efti If you get cold emails right they are incredibly effective at increasing leads—and conversion rates. This makes sales effectiveness and modern sales strategies and tactics the most important initiatives for improving your results.

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Door-to-Door Sales: The Complete Guide


You could invest in a sales coach, mindset work, or something else entirely. Because D2D sales is largely a numbers game …when it comes down to it, D2D sales is mostly a numbers game. Then couple that with this knowledge: Even top sellers see D2D as a numbers game. Seriously, we can’t stress this enough.

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Want to be a top performer? These words and phrases are proven to win deals

B: They are veterans with years and years of sales experience. Turns out, time spent on your craft, experience, and hard work all contribute to success, regardless of industry or job type. . But in sales, there’s a hidden game-changer that puts the best reps over the top: the language they use. Ready to level up?

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“Why I’m So Interested In Selling,” Charles Green

Partners in Excellence

My first sales client was Intel, and I expressed my concern to my client that virtually all my sales experience was in consultative professions. He assured me that it was 100% relevant to large B2B sales, and he was absolutely right. I wrote Trust-based Selling a few years after co-writing The Trusted Advisor.

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