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Niche blogging in the new Google reality: 5 strategies to thrive or die

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If you are a niche blogger focused on building a site on which the majority source of your income is display ads from Google, 2024 has not been kind to you. Thousands of blogs from every possible niche are down as much as 90% in traffic, with no recovery in sight. But after that, the sky’s the limit. And in most cases, it’s easier.

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Why bottom-of-the-funnel SEO is the game-changer your B2B needs


And yes, while niche content traffic may be low, conversions can be high. Since we have been discussing appointment setting extensively, it’s possible that Google recognized us as an expert in this niche, which could have contributed to our new post receiving a higher ranking. Where can top-of-the-funnel content come in handy?

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50 Lucrative Blog Niches & Finding One That Works for You


No, that concept is also relevant to niche blog topics. Here, we'll go over what you need to consider when choosing a niche blog topic and look into 50 potential blog niche ideas you can choose from. How to Choose Your Niche Blog Topic. There will always be a base of students looking to improve their study-game.

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Enterprise Sales Process: Closing Deals In Niche Markets

Sales Hacker

Closing an enterprise sale in a niche market follows the same sales funnel as any other deal, but a bit more fine tuned. The niche aspect comes into play because this type of sale also skews in the way of knowledge. In the niche enterprise space, this is an absolute must. Contract Size: 5 years, high six figures.

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What Are the Most Lucrative Ecommerce Niches in 2020?


In this article, we’ll look at the recent changes to the ecommerce landscape and what they mean for you as you start your online business journey or pivot into a new niche. In other words, you need to define your niche. Top Ecommerce Niches. A niche is simply a smaller and more specific subsection of a larger market.

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4 Reasons Why Your Gaming Website Isn’t Generating any Revenue

Sales Pop!

A gaming website is a great online business to run, as people will always be on the lookout for interactive entertainment. But you won’t automatically generate traffic just because you create a gaming website. You created a game no one wants to play Many people like to believe that they’ll make the next Wordle.

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How the Google leak confirms the significance of author and publisher entities in SEO

Search Engine Land

The isPublisher variable is boolean, so the game is zero-sum. The isAuthor variable is boolean, so the game is zero-sum. If they don’t, you aren’t even in the game for tier 3. This is niche notability. Trusted and famous in a niche beats trusted every day of the week. Or they don’t.